How much do agency nurses make

  1. Hi, iam in LPN school in Florida, and would like to do agency work when finished with my LPN and/or RN.

    Now what do LPN's and RN's make per hour doing agency work?

    Please help !! thank you!!!!
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  3. by   BigB
    in northern California:

    LVN's get $31 -32/hour
    RN's get $45 -48/hour.

    No benefits and no taxes are taken out!
  4. by   pepperann35
    I am a LPN in central florida. If you work agency for home health care you will make $16-18 per hour for an 8-12 hour shift. (This is pediatric home health care? If you work agency for nursing home or hospital staffing, you can make about $18-22 per hour. It varies a little with each agency. Hope that helps.
  5. by   TheCommuter
    Before I proceed with the pay rates, it is highly recommended that you accrue at least 1 solid year of experience before attempting to work agency.

    With that being said, here are the agency pay rates for Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. LVNs earn $23 to $30 hourly doing agency, and RNs earn $35+. However, you must be independent, confident, and able to function maximally without any type of orientation or assistance when you accept agency assignments. You basically need to be aggressive and dive right in there.
  6. by   BigB
    I agree with getting at least 1 year experience before going with an agency.