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Title says it all! Was just wondering how many of you worked as CNA's before you became LPN/LVN's? Are you glad you did? Would you recommend working while you are in school? Thanks for any advice... Read More

  1. by   gram8
    Quote from JonesLL
    I worked as a CNA and ward clerk prior to becoming an LVN. My motto is ,"Don't forget where you have been."
  2. by   HisTreasure
    Never did. I am going for my RN, though, and I will remember what I went through as an LPN. It's important to grow and remember where you have come from.
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  3. by   niteshiftlvn07
    I worked as a home health aide and as a direct care aide in a group home before getting my lvn license. I liked being a hha more because I worked with just one patient and got to really know their family. As an aide I did everything I could for my patient. I think my experience as an aide has helped me to work well with the cna's on staff.But I recognize the differences between those cna's who are hard working and those who are lazy, rude, and do everything to avoid work. I was respectful to my supervisor's and patients. Unfortunately there's also a shortage of aides in alot of facilities, so the bad apples are rarely disciplined and the dedicated aides are rarely recognized!!!:spin:
  4. by   Hospice Nurse LPN
    I never worked as a CNA, but did work as both med tech in an independent living setting and PCA in a group home setting before going to LPN school. Good luck to you!
  5. by   HeartJulz
    most definately... although the past 4 years Ive worked as a CMA (certified medical assistant) and phlebotomist I wanted to make sure I wasnt going to burn out before i forked the dough and time to becoming a nurse... after this long Im sooooo sure but a few weeks in my cl[inicals I was thinking oh my god!!! I think with nursing there are times we wanna give up ... but if we stick it out, go for it ... i think it would def. be harder going into nursing w no nursing background, but again this is 'my' opinion....
    good luck
  6. by   Forever10
    Hey Ya'll:
    I just finished 4 semesters of intense studying/prereqs for the RN program at MSCC TN. YEAH! I only had micro to go, which I'd planned on taking during RN prog., had I gotten in. I didn't get accepted as my overall points were not what they could have been. My 3.2 GPA and HESI score of (79%)wasn't high enough to give me entrance. I got a B in A&PI, but barely passed A&PII w/ a C, which was a bit disappointing... (Family emerg. caring for my disabled hubby, running kidz everywhere, etc., took quite a bit of study time away this last semester.) BUTTTTT! I am not giving up!!! I am a 53 yr. old mother of 10 (2 still in the nest) and granny to 6 1/2. (one in the oven.) Anyway... I am not giving up my dream to become an RN someday. I am applying for LPN training, classes beginning Sept. 4, 07,... meanwhile, I'd like to become a CNA first, but only up until LPN training begins. I realize how much intense study goes with the RN path and I appreciate RNS more now, than I ever have. I don't believe I know enough yet, having never worked in Healthcare and if I am going to be one of the BEST RN's, I feel becoming a CNA, or LPN first would better prepare me for the RN path. I am looking forward to becoming a caregiver, in any capacity.
    God Bless All!
  7. by   cheleb61
    I worked as a CNA before and during LPN school. I am very gald that I did. All of the nurses that I worked with were always showing me things and teaching me things. They all helped me if I was having a hard time with something related to school. And now I have the belief that you never forget where you came from and I am respected by all of my aides because they know that I was in their shoes once.
  8. by   gettingupthere
    WOW! I worked as a Nurses aide way back in the 60's, before aides had to be certified! I wouldn't change that experience for anything. I never ask a CNA to do something I wouldn't do. I have no problem helping them out, IF I have time.
  9. by   mspriss154
    Is a CNA like a candy striper? What duties does it entail and what kind of schooling do you need? If any.. Thanks!!