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  1. Hey all, Hope everyone is doing well

    I finished with my 1st trimester of LPN training. I am starting my 2nd tri. My instructor informed me today that I made the honor society. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me more about this. what is involved etc. I see there is a membership fee and meetings to go to. Is the purpose of this basically just to look good on a resume, (if I actually pass the course)

    Also we are starting nutrition, pharm, and med-surg this semester. Instructor says we will fly thru pharm and she will not be able to cover all the info we need for the tests, it will be alot of independant study. Some of my fellow classmates tell me nutrition is a toughy. Just wondering what to expect. Are they extremely difficult. They keep telling us this trimester will be our toughest. I thought the 1st one was VERY difficult!!!

    Thanks for any information

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  3. by   Jules A
    Is she talking about the NFLPN student honor society? I think if you have a B average after your second semester you are eligible. Membership is pretty cheap for students so I'd check it out. Congratulations.
  4. by   mhershey
    It is the NV-THS (national vocational tecnical honor society, we qualify if we have a overall average of at least 95 after the first trimester. It is cheap, just 20 bucks to join. I was just wondering if they would ask us to do outside projects and things like that. Not that I would mind doing some, I just really pressed for time, with family, school and work, as Im sure about 90% of everyone else is going thru also.

    Thanks Jules
  5. by   Hoping LVN2BSN
    I wouldn't worry to much about nutrition, I had a hard time staying awake, really dry. Pharmacology however is a different story. In my program we had maybe 7 days, 6 hours each to go though each class of drug and the indications, adverse reactions, contraindications. Not any easy task.

    To be honest, that's not how I learned Pharm, with each system we go through, we study the common meds., THAT's how I learned. Pharmacology is a great starting point, but if that were all I had to rely on, I would be screwed. Really studying the meds. for each system helped. Don't feel to bad if at the end of Pharm you feel that same way you started. Clueless! It will all come together! Good luck! Don't stress out too much.
  6. by   pagandeva2000
    Nutrition was a nightmare for me; I am an LPN now and still don't remember a darned thing about it. Pharmacology was difficult, too, but I found a pharmacology textbook that also included pathophysiology (brief), however, it helped me in two ways...to learn the drugs and diseases at the same time. I am in orientation now, and I am still studying meds. I have my textbook next to my bed and I review unfamiliar drugs when I get home. In nursing, you are ALWAYS learning, if you are interested in becoming an efficent nurse.