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okay yall. so the "hard" part is over. i passed my boards! Now does anyone out there have any advice on how to search for a new job? And once i do find that job, can anyone give me an insight on how... Read More

  1. by   conroenurse
    Personally, even though I do not smoke, I would not even consider a job at a place where they TEST you for tobacco UNLESS they also test you for etoh use. So no little cocktail on the weekend. wanna play fair, play fair, don't pick and choose,but also I think a company that controlling would be a company I wouldn't want to be at anyway.
  2. by   Fiona59
    Big Brother really is watching you!

    Never heard of these types of testing in Canada. Never even been asked if I smoke.
  3. by   nsalisbury
    i agree. that makes sense, companies that test for something like that are probably very strict, and wouldnt be sucha great place for me. i do smoke (terrible habit, i know) and personally that DOES NOT affect the way i care for patients, for gods sake nurses used to smoke at the nursing station way back when. I do agree with having no-smoking policies, for the health of pts, and everyone around. but i think its pure ignorance to waste money on testing for something like tobacco. baffles me.
  4. by   angelabLPN
    NCLEX was by far not the "hard part". I feel you havent learned anything but the basics. As I am also a new nurse just licensed in July. I have my first LPN and job for 3 weeks now and I have only touched the tip of the iceburg of learning.
  5. by   turnforthenurse
    Quote from nsalisbury
    They test for tobacco?? Thats odd. How nerve racking, answering pt scenarios on the spot! Im leaning more towards the longterm care kind of work. I can already tell this will be a challenge :/
    They are probably less-likely to ask you patient scenario-type questions because you're a new grad so you don't really have those skills. At least that is how my job interview went. They asked me behavioral/situational questions, but it was more so dealing with coworkers, unhappy patients and unhappy MDs. They will ask you the basic interview questions, such as "tell me about yourself" (that is the time to shine and sell yourself and why you would be a good fit at that employer), what are your strengths/weaknesses...They may ask, "tell me about a time when you...." or similar questions.

    A lot of places test for tobacco now because they are a smoke-free workplace...they don't want their patients smoking and they also don't want their employees smoking, either.

    Drug tests vary. I just remember having to pee in a cup.