Dreading going into work already - please help

  1. I have finally found a job after searching for so long as a new LPN - I have been working
    there 2-3 months now in LTC - I try to go in every day with a positive attitude, ready to jump in and learn new things - ready to ask questions - but unfortunately I already
    feel burned out. Just thinking about going into work today is giving me a headache and
    stomachache - I just dread it. I know/knew nursing is hard - but my faith led me here and now I feel disheartened. I want to learn and get better - I want to help my residents - I ask the nurses, even the ones that got hired with me (that arent brand new nurses like me) what I can do to improve - I have even asked my supervisors and the DON what I can do - I am trying. But I still get complaints. Still get balled out like I should already know things that are "common sense" to a seasoned nurse but not to me. I dont know how to handle the CNA's - Ive already posted in another forum about that - because one is friends with the DON and writing them up doesnt do anything - GAH!!! I hate this. I thought after all this work and being led to this position I would be happier than I was at previous jobs. Is it just me? Do I have a bad attitude? Is there something really wrong with me that I am not catching on to things in 2-3 months??!!? Or do seasoned nurses forget what its like to be a new nurse? I shouldnt complain - but I am just at my wits end - I already feel burnt out and so disheartened. I am trying to count my blessings and just push thru but I am wondering if nursing just isnt the thing for me. I just dont know anymore. I feel like I would be going against my faith if I left - but I just dont know what else to do - I am so depressed. I dont know how to turn this around anymore and have a sense of humor about it. Im emotionally exhausted. Any suggestions welcomed. Thanks.
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  3. by   angelabLPN
    I will tell you this, I worked for 2 yrs as a CNA at a LTC facility and the nursing staff and us CNAS were always bickering, they had favorites it was just a mess. But I am now working as an LPN at a different LTC and the CNAs all respect the nurses and each other, the nurses are great to each other. Maybe choose another facility. That can make a ton of difference. Find one who "meshes" with you
  4. by   jadelpn
    It is normal to feel overwhelmed for quite some time when you are starting out in nursing. LTC is not easy.
    Take a deep breath, do what you can, and remember, everyone will have someone who wants to complain about them. When you get a complaint, I would then say "what can I do to improve so this doesn't happen again". 2 or 3 months is a small amount of time. You will catch on, just give it some time.
  5. by   SuzieeQ
    Keep your chin up!
    How many hours per week are you working? 8 or 12 hour shifts?Have you considered requesting vacation time (even just one week) to relax and re-energize?
    I would not worry about not knowing every thing - no one knows every thing! IMO I would say it takes about 6 months to feel really comfortable in a new job. Keep smiling
  6. by   Zen123
    I've been a nurse for 8 years. I listen to Lois Hay " positive thinking cd" on my way to work and sometimes dr dyer cd. It lifts me up and reminds me of what is good. aaahhhh
  7. by   NyteshiftLVN
    I worked at a LTC facility for over a year and a half.. I never really "fit in." I would definitely recommend a change in jobs. I went to private duty shift care and never looked back. They knew what they were losing even asked me to stay on the payroll as "on-call" when I gave little notice, but by then the environment soured to the point of not being able to return. Hope things get better for you, there or elsewhere.
  8. by   amo15
    I am a new grad LPN at a ventilator hospital. I am going through the same thing. I have worked at my job as an LPN for 3 months and I find myself thinking "is nursing really for me?" I even worked as an aide for 2.5years before getting my lpn and feel it barely helped. It is very overwhelming to me, and stressful. I have horrible anxiety the night before I have to work. Sometimes I have great days and everything is going very well, others i leave work almost in tears. I think I may be experiencing some new nurse 'hazing' if you will, I always get the new admissions, the ones needing blood, the patients in restraints, or with sitters while other nurses have less patients and are more experienced. All the nurses that I talk to just say to stick it out, that everyone goes through what we are going through right now. I'll tell you what, I am in my twenties & furthering my education has never looked better. I dont want to be a floor nurse for the next 40 years. As far as suggestions- you are not alone. I never hesitate to ask questions even if I think it is silly, or I will look something up on Google if I am too embarrassed to ask (as long as the source is credible) at first my coworkers seemed annoyed but I think they see that I am trying to learn and want to do a better job. I know what you mean about the "common sense" things also, after I always think "why didnt I know that" but the important part is that we can learn from our mistakes. Hope things will get better! Staying positive is the only thing keeping me at my current job.