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I swear I am so tired of nurses that can't think for themselves and don't think for themselves. I am the weekend house supervisor for my LTC facility. This means I am in charge of pretty much... Read More

  1. by   wonderbee
    I'm in the role of a government nurse in the field of public health. I'm being asked to dumb it down. Dumb it down??? Are they serious?

    Client: "What are you testing for?"

    Me: "hemoglobin."

    Client: "What is hemoglobin"?

    Me: "You have a nutritionist appointment next week (or month). She can explain it to you then."

    Client goes home with a low hgb, may not return and there is no intervention or education. But hey, I got the blood sample. Oh and my title is "Public Health Nurse."

  2. by   aero56
    I am very tired of "stupid" and rude nurses. This is a serious threat to all of us. I took my daughter to an ER yesterday and had to call today for some advice. The nurse was all over the place except the question I asked her. My husband is in a mental health facility awaiting NH placement. He is on Plavix and aspirin. Yesterday I discovered huge bruises on his legs and thighs. Not one staff nurse had a clue what caused the bruises!!! Not one! I strongly suggested they contact the doctor about the medication causing the bleeding. I was furious. I see and hear this kind of stupidity all the time anymore. And these young nurses have no bedside manner at all. What is the reasoning behind all of this???
  3. by   Leelee2
    I gotta say, this is the craziest thread I have ever read...No one goes to recheck the B/P and Pulse prior to calling you...Scary.
  4. by   mtam_01
    hi i am a new grad and working in LTC for about 2 months. i had a similar case of unresponsive resident. this resident is usually alert and able to verbalize needs (more than able to hand). all i got as report from night nure was" everthing's fine on your side" during the breakfast CNA comes to me saying Mr. X is deep asleep and not responding. i go to the room and try to wake him up. he was not responding to any verbal stimuli. i gave him a little shake. he opened his eyes for few secs and closed them again. i gave him a little pinch on his finger and he opened his eyes for me. i was able to wake him up and give him his meds. i asked him if he would like to go to the dining room and he said he was too tired and wanted to stay in bed. so i asked the CNA to feed him on bed. few minutes later, the CNA told me he didn't drink or eat anything. ohh i forgot to mention . he had multiple loose stool during the previous dayshift that i worked and sample o his feces were sent to lab to rule out lab. and then i received a call from lab saying he has a positive c-diff. with multiple loose stools, i was concerned about his hydration level. so i go to his room and woke him up without much effort and have him drink like 360 cc of fluid and asked what kinda drink he prefers and the answer was "OJ". This is actually something i had known long ago before joining nursing school that pushing fluids is very vital for anyone having loose stool. i come from 3rd world country and had lost a friend in a matter of 2 days to multiple episodes of loose stools and lack of rehydration. so i was determined to push more fluids to this resident. and i had been monitoring the VS. then aroud 3 pm, a skin specialist comes in to check his dressing and starts acting as if the sky has fallen down. she tries to wake the pt up and uses sternal rub. she then goes to me like" when the pt needs painful stimuli to wake up, that means he's critical". i told her his VS were normal and without giving me any chance to explain further just walks out of room saying" i don't care" and goes to DON and the pt ends up being shipped out. BTW this lady doesn't even work there. and there i am almost ready to breakdown.. she made it look like i wasn't doing anything for the pt. i was the one taking care of him from 7 am and i was constantly watching him. I had even reported that to my unit manager.i understand i shouldn't have waited too long o send him out but the way the whole thing was presented was just heartbreaking to me.
    i called the workplace to check on that pt. i heard he has been admitted to the hospital
  5. by   nanciepaul
    oh good see the post now, I am back from 3-11 busy shift and tired of some lazy stupid nurse who works 11-7
  6. by   nanciepaul
    Quote from NeuroNut
    In my hospital they are getting rid of the LPN's.. which means in two months, I am out.. after 19 years. My frustration comes in when (and this is a true story) a new RN came up to me last weekend and told me she had only put foley's in female pt's, and needed to put one in a male, and she asked me should she just go until she saw urine, or should she advance it further after that... I sat there dumbfounded.. this was a RN. They want to get rid of us LPN's and keep those kind of nurses??? I just don't get it
    Well you said she is new nurse so she needs to clarify that, which is natural. when you were a novice, you also had gone through the same.
  7. by   luv4nurses
    The only thing I can say is that "stupid" nurses are everywhere. But it just seems that a great deal of them are uncovered in LTACs. I worked in an LTAC and upon arriving for my shift, made my rounds as usual. The CNA who normally took care of a particular patient said that she was having difficulty turning and changing the patient. The patient could normally assist a bit but was moaning and guarding her left hip. Now mind you, I was working the 11-7pm shift. I immediately called for a stat xray, noted that the patient was getting pain medication that she normally did not receive and apparently was not getting relief. Well upon receiving the xray results, it was found she had a fractured hip. Now comes more "stupidity". The DON asked me why did I order a stat xray?! I was like well, umm, her clinical signs. I shook my head and then said, did you ask the other 2 shifts why they did absolutely nothing? Unbelievable...
  8. by   tainted1972
    Quote from maah
    The other day I went for an interview for a Nursing job. Which the Nurse interviewing me stated that she didn't think LPNs are allowed to do assessments.
    In my state (ohio) LPN's are not supposed to actually do "assessments" We are to collect data and the RN does the assessing.
  9. by   momtojosh
    i think "stupid" is a bit harsh....if you were stupid you wouldnt have passed nursing how about some other adjectives that i run into almost everyday....lazy would be a good one...incompetent another....or the i just dont give a darn attitude....i am here for my paycheck only......

    that was a bit harsh on the new RN, how many caths did you do before your first day of work?...i know i only did one and when i did my first one on the job i wanted help as well....heck..i wanted help with everything i did for the first time...and i dont think i am stupid at all....

    some people dont think before they with one now..ask really out of this world questions....i smirk at her and say...i am going to let you think about what you just said...and she usually ends up laughing and comes up with the answer.....ya just gotta shake your head at times...hehehe....

    so...there are no stupid nurses.....IMO.....there are PLENTY of other adjectives for them...
  10. by   rgroyer1RNBSN
    Be more assertive or write them up, I am a nursing coordinator and supervisor on nights in a large urban ER and you need to tell them about the poor er nurse there ponning there would be not so critical patient off on, on the other end, they think there to busy let me telly you in ER and trauma especially in a large level 1 trauma center the ICU nurses may have ratios of critical care patients, but us that are in ER do not, I could have five or six of my own critical patients all at on time waiting for an ICU bed or OR, or cath lab, I mean I may have 2 Mi's, 1 CVA, 1GSW, and 2 MVC's all at once in my pod of the ER, I work Green Pod which is trauma and critical care, so I may have 1 3 Bed cardiac bay trauma room, an 1 2 bed trauma room, and 1 surgical trauma room all at the same time that Im in charge of and responsible for, tell them to think about the person on the other end they are ponning there patient off on.
  11. by   newLPN20
    I am 20 years old LPN working in a long term care facility for 3 weeks already. I tried my best and hard going extreme of not having bathroom breaks and lunch or dinner. I'm a newbie and still learning things. At times, I felt in doubt of my knowledge that's why I always ask questions coz I want to give quality care to my 49 residents. I THINK EVERYBODY STARTS IN THE BOTTOM. PEOPLE LEARN WITH EXPERIENCE. I BET EVERY NURSE OR SUPERVISOR IN HERE BASHING OTHER NURSES HAS MADE MISTAKES IN SOME TIME OF THIER PRACTICE.

    I remembered 2 days ago one of my residents, J.Q. vomited twice and the CNA came to me telling me she have 102 degree fever. Of course, becuase I'm new I just took the BP, P, n R but not the temp. I also assess whether she was constipated. When I'm about to call the MD, the supervisor came and told her about my resident. She requested I take the temp myself and got 98.2.. lesson is when critical care and assesment is needed then I must take vitals sign myself.

    I admit I have so much room of learning. I take constructive criticisms positively. If people brand me as stupid I could care less coz I know I come far. And I'm in process of starting an LPN-BSN transition this Spring 2011.
  12. by   sasha2lady
    hmm.....I agree with Huq......I work with several nurses like whats been described b in particular is a young pretty nurse....always looks like a freakin model when she comes in......gets by with EVERYTHING....shes an LPN and got promoted to be an RN assistant, who doesnt actually need help. I work behind her alot....and nothing is ever done....she gives me these BS reports and everybodys got something wrong w them...yet not one word of its documented in any charts....cuz she doesnt chart...she leaves me in a mess every single time she works, I know shes not giving meds..just cant prove it and if i could nobody would care because shes so tight with the upper hypocrits in mgmt. Her narcs are always wrong. Holes all over...she doesnt do anything for 12 hours....leaves on hour plus lunches while the other nurses struggle.
    Sickening....this is partly why Im sick of being a nurse. Im fed up with this kinda thing.
  13. by   ibmanda2000
    Ooh ooh ooh! I have one!
    I'll admit.. I have not read all these posts.. But I wanna add a "stupid nurse" story! (although "stupid" is a harsh word)

    Anyone know what Pediasure 60ml/hr x8hrs per GT means??

    Pretty self explanatory order to me... but apparently not to everyone!
    After little baby girl began showing weight loss for 2 weeks it was discovered that the night nurse had somehow thought the order meant 60mls IN 8 hrs! She set the pump rate to 2.4mls/hr for 8 hrs!!!!! WHAT!?!?!!?

    Some people should return to nursing school..