D.O.N' S Practising Favortism by hiring freinds only

  1. Favortism happens too often between D.O.N's and their freinds. I have been a LPN for 4 years now and have found myself caught in the middle of Favortism. I noticed when a new D.O.N is hired many of the old staff members are fired or stand a great chance of losing their jobs due to the D.O.N trying to hire their freinds.
    Most of the time the D.O.N doesnt take time to get to meet the old staff and usually fire great workers. I think this is happening too much in nursing, their should be some kind of limitations on D.O.N's hiring too many freinds. I have experienced some grusome things from this kind of favortism. I've seen unqualified staff hired to be Unit Managers who had no experience but were hired based on the fact that they were the D.O.N's freind.
    I was 3rd in seniority at my job and worked there for two years. The D.O.N hired her freind to do office work on the Adon off days, the job was not posted or offered to me. She came right out of training and was offered this position. Im tired of having to walk on egg shells everytime their is a new D.O.N and having to worry about being replaced with one of their freinds.I've seen D.O.N's come up with the smallest reasons to fire people and Im never surprised to see them replaced with a freind. Have anyone else noticed this kind of favortism or been a victim of losing their to a bosses freind?
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  3. by   tonya mays
    Yes and not only hiring friends but family it's horrible but it is allowed.
  4. by   cannolis
    I've lost an unrelated job due to the same thing. You can collect unemployment for that.
  5. by   AngelicDarkness
    Yup, seen this a lot. Even to the point where people being fired for big mistakes are job protected. Not sure how.
  6. by   NotFlo
    I see it all the time. It's like an epidemic in nursing homes. It seems many DONs travel around with a gang of friends from facility to facility. The new one comes in (because I think we've all seen how much turnover there is for DON in these facilities, they are always running from place to place, company to company, then doing the circuit all over again) fires as many people as she possibly can, makes the couple of people they can't fire so miserable they quit, then brings all their friends in. I think it's pretty disgusting and bewildering behavior. Woudln't even believe it if I hadn't seen it for myself so many times.
  7. by   applewhitern
    Both nepotism and favoritism are alive and well at my facility. DON has been there forever, hires all her family/friends, so it isn't always just someone who is new that does this. We have people who have applied for other jobs within the system, but were repeatedly turned down, then you find out the person who got the job was kin to so and so....... not just the DON, but happens with the Human Resources director and others, too.
  8. by   lumbarpain
    I have witnessed that on jobs I have had, worse thing is when a nurse comes in green and you have been there for years and she automatically gets jumped into a manager like position. You just have the URGE TO KILL.
  9. by   lumbarpain
    so so true,,,, a whole bunch of friends or family comes in soon after the DON gets hired, and once she quits or gets fired, they all follow. WHAT IS THAT NONSENSE???