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I've never started a thread before but I'm so angry after work today & need to vent (also want to hear some opinions). Warning - it's a long one!! I work in a LTC facility, recently was switched... Read More

  1. by   sharona97
    LOVE your license. Remember how hard you worked for it? You sound like a very detailed nurse who pays attention. I'd get another job, and I'd file an incidence report on the acute going to the ER event, if not the hormonal issue. Good Luck!
  2. by   caliotter3
    Read part way into the OP and realized that this is a no win situation. From my experiences in nursing, it is best to just make plans to leave.
  3. by   caliotter3
    I've been in those work places where every bird of a kind, covers for each other and they conspire to get rid of birds not of their kind or to make everything that goes wrong (and plenty is always wrong) the fault of the other birds. Some of them like to laugh about what they do outright in front of anybody and everybody. It is really disgusting.