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I was wondering who inserts them for the most part LPN or RN? This is my biggest fear to overcome. Just wondering how to get over the first few times you do it? After that I am sure I'll be fine.... Read More

  1. by   murmur
    My first cath was this week. The woman had 3inch labia minora - the inside lips. The urethra was directly on top of her vagina at least 3 inches below the labia minora. I was amazed, I did not know that female anatomy was so variant. I spoke to a few of the other nurse interns and they related similar experiences. They should really explain this and show diagrams in school, because I was cleansing and inspecting in entirely the wrong place!
  2. by   michelle95
    I've done some pretty hard caths in the past 5 years but the place that I currently work takes the cake. I work at a home for the mentally retarded and most are virgins. Most of the time I have to go in blind.

    I agree with the other poster about going in from the back (with the patient on their side). I've had a few elderly, contracted females that I have had to do this with.

    Men? What's that? I think in the 5 years that I've been nursing I've had maybe 5 men to cath. It would be nice to do one instead of women. :chuckle
  3. by   tiroka03
    Most men are a piece of cake to cath, although the ones with enlarged prostates can be a little trying.

    Females come in a variety of places. If you can just find the place, it's easy. I have done females on their sides, and have at times found this easier. It all depends. If the person is a fresh hip, of course you aren't going to be doing this person on their side. It is always a new adventure with a female. I always take in help if I haven't done a particular female before, as I don't know what I may find or not find as the case may be.
  4. by   BBFRN
    You will know you have it in the correct place when you see urine flow in the tubing.
  5. by   BearyPrivate
    True funny story.
    Had this patient with hip replacement new on floor I was in charge of, I was coming on shift. The evening nurse reported patient needed cathed and she would do this while I continued with report on other halls. I was in the middle of counting a nurse off of narc drawer when the nurse comes running onto Medicare unit stating she has to send the patient back to the hospital. When i asked why? The nurse told me she inserted the cath but that the tip came back out. Of course she was not a new nurse, but I guess this was her first experience with getting the cath in the vaginal cavity and hitting the wall of the vagina. This nurse laughed my a$$ off, not in front of the other nurse, I would never do that. But I did take the nurse back to the patient's room and helped her place the foley properly. As it turned out, the patients urethra was up inside the vaginal cavity.
  6. by   vicky1964
    Quote from zambezi
    I have had to do it...if you miss and leave it in the wrong place for just a minute, you won't cath the wrong area just have to start over with the sterile proceudre...If the patient is comfortable with it...I like to have and extra pair of hands available...It just makes it easier...I am not usually that lucky though
    Even If It Kills Me, I'm Gonna Smile."
  7. by   tothepointeLVN
    I haven't had to insert foleys on real people as I haven't started school yet but I did have to self cath myself for a week while I was having umm problems with those little self cath tubes. Now thats hard as you can't see anything you just have to feel your way through. Also after having a foley bag strapped to my leg for a few days gives me a lot of sympathy for those who have t wear them.
  8. by   marina17
    Quote from pcgrad06
    "word of advice...
    when you go in to cath a women, especially one that is older or has had numerous children, take an extra catheter in with you. these women tend to have "dimples" making it hard to find the urethra. if you have the extra cath, you will be able to leave in the one put in the wrong place long enough for you to get the extra cath in the right place!"

    this blows my mind! please tell me you are joking!
    no disrespect but i busted out laughing...that blows my mind because.. reminded me of a situation at work where a fairly new nurse looked at me while i was inserting the if i was killing the man.(you know how you have to insert almost all of it)but don`t worry i used to question nurses too when i was new....and thats how i learned....