1. This thread is inspired by another thread that I read in the general nursing discussion forum. My question is, did anyone here attend an LPN program that didn't allow the use of calculators?
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  3. by   mcdonaldgirl
    My class didn't use them. As my instructor said, "Back when I trained with Flo, we didn't have 'em; and in an emergency, you think you're gonna have time to use it?"

  4. by   Bala Shark
    Our school, no calculators..And we had an exit exam where we had to score 90% or above to pass...No calculators..When we did our exams, we had to be careful about careless mistakes made in division
  5. by   SakredStrega
    We weren't allowed to use calculators, either.
  6. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Trained with Flo, lmao.

    Sometimes we got to use them, sometimes we didn't.
  7. by   katie258
    I'm a trainee enrolled nurse in Australia which I think is LPN? For our medication exams we aren't allowed to use calculators.
  8. by   pagandeva2000
    We were able to use calculators, and there is a calculator on the NCLEX computer. I do have time to use my calculator in my place of work. My math skills are not that great without it, and if I were denied to use it in nursing school, then, I probably would have failed out.