Brand new male LPN In the Midwest seeking answers

  1. Hi there. Just got my LPN in July havent used it yet. Im still doing aid work at my local nursing home. They are hiring an LPN for night shifts and I had been doing night shifts because I prefer them. I started the ADN program at my community college. So im putting in 17 hours a week all weekend day shifts. The LPN job is extremely attractive but the hours are SO not what I want during school. I seriously prefer to just work my same hours now and maintain the status quo rather than get a higher salary right now. It makes getting my RN easier for me because I can focus on studying rather than finding a new job with a completely new set of hours, and probably MORE hours. Any opinions on this decision?

    Also... I want to say that a few weeks ago I wanted to stop my education here because I am totally fine with being "stuck" in long term care because it feels right to me. Only reason I am going for RN is because of the extra pay, a variety of new places to work that I "Might" want to take up, and because of that little rumor going around about phasing LPN's out of health care totally! Scares me a bit. So being an LPN would be a totally satisfying career for me to be in for the rest of my life. As long as I can KEEP it for the rest of my life. I often here that rumor is all just a lie, that they cant get rid of us because we cost less and we are able to go places RN's prefer to stay away from like long term care and home health. And the BSN only rumor I doubt because if everyone has to have a bachelor's degree who will be on the floor and who will be in the desk jobs? I look at the employee list at my nursing home you got tons and tons of aids and they come and go at random, then a few LPNs that usually stick around, then even fewer RN's which are usually on those MDS sheets or whatever, or DON or administrator rarely on the floor. So from that point of view it looks pretty good, till I heard this rumor that one nursing home turned all the LPN's into med aids. And another rumor about clinics replacing their well paid LPN's with lower wage medical assistants and stuff.

    I was actually thinking of being a "glorified LPN" and just getting IV therapy certification, ACLS and stuff like that and see where that would take me salarywise and stuff. Figured it would be a bit easier and less costly than becoming an RN. But im not following that path right now I WILL go for my RN im NOT going to waste the money ive invested in advancing my career. But I really wish I could feel the comfort of having my LPN because.... you never know what issues can come up. Life is weird like that, someone could die I could get hurt and have to leave school for awhile, maybe ill run out of gas money or money for groceries.... Or I might just not make it. Now I dont want to hear a "dont give up yet!" speech because ive had plenty of that already im NOT giving up!!! And no feeling secure with my LPN is not going to make me think "oh well ill quit here then!" because either way the money ive invested is at stake if I give up. I HATE! and I mean HATE!!! wasting money!

    From what I hear LPNs make about 12-16 dollars a hour round where I live. That sound pretty good? Midwest has a lower cost of living than many other parts of the USA. I just read some posts from detroit some new lpn says there making 26.50 to start! Now I dont really know if I can beleive that! But I guess detroit it costs a ton to live?? Rural areas like where im from dont cost as much. So yea just becuse the number is bigger doesn't mean that it IS bigger.
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    I would, at the very least, aim for a part-time or casual/PRN/per diem LPN position. Do not allow your LPN license to go to waste by working as a CNA. If anything adverse or negative happens at work, the state board of nursing will typically hold you to the level of your highest licensure, which happens to be the LPN license that you possess.

    LPN job = nursing pay and nursing experience that will help land your first RN job

    CNA job = aide pay and aide experience that may or may not help land your first RN job

    I just read some posts from detroit some new lpn says there making 26.50 to start!
    I live in a lower cost-of-living city in Texas and earned $27.04 at my last LVN position in 2010. Cost of living is not always a factor. Rather, the desperation of the facility can result in good pay.
  4. by   Fiona59
    Why did you get an LPNs practice permit if you don't intend on using it?

    As a "glorified LPN" and that is an extremely derogatory statement to make about your peers, I make $32/hr in unionized Canada.

    So why didn't you just go straight to ADN education?
  5. by   jadelpn
    I enjoy being an LPN. I live in a remote area that makes getting an RN difficult, though it may happen for me one day. I would think about a per diem LPN position as to increase your skill set, and stay on top of your clincial skills. Maybe on a day you do not have a class do an 8 hour somewhere where you can clinically immerse yourself?

    Nights are just not easy, and one either loves them or hates them. Trying to work and go to school when you work nights is tough, to say the least.

    Best wishes to you and your endevours!!
  6. by   BrandonLPN
    Why would you get your LPN, but continue to work as a CNA? You can't do part time nights and still go to school for ADN? Why not? And I live in a very economically depressed part of Michigan. The most economically depressed state in the USA. I started out as a new grad LPN here making a little over 20.00 an hour. You're not looking hard enough if you can only find jobs that offer 12-16 dollars an hour. Skip the dinky little "for profit" LTC facilities. Go straight for the state/federal LTC facilities that offer living wages. And are unionized.
  7. by   roreyn02
    Im going for my ADN but they dont allow you into the ADN program unless you have passed the state boards and are a licensed nurse. Otherwise i'd probably just have skipped doing the boards and went straight through. I should be an RN by may. And yea I work at a dinky little for profit LTC facility. I dont know how you find a state/federal LTC facility in my area like how do you tell? Does it have a big old sign on it saying "state/federal LTC facility" or on their home page? My Facility has no "home page" doesnt have computer charting, wifi, or electric beds even we use the old fashioned crank beds. No benefits at all, aids make 9.5 an hour. But at this point in life I only need a little spare change each week to survive really. I should be able to keep up till summer. I want to get out of here ASAP when ive finished. I know I have much more oppurtunity elsewhere when im ready to take on a full time schedule but getting the education is my priority now.
    ANd I did apply for a job at a nursing home close by as an LPN. This place has benefits which is nice. But they turned me down for someone "with a little more experience" I dont know if I beleive that though, because we all have to start off without experience, otherwise no one would get the oppurtunity to actually get experience in the first place. I find myself too busy with homework to surf the net for jobs, or type up a nice resume.