are there any LVNs out there that work in newborn nursery?

  1. I was wondering if there were any LVNs that held positions in the newborn department. At the hospital based school I'll be attending (for LVN) I was told I would be able to work in nursery. So my question is what would I be doing and is there any LVN out there that actually works in this dept?. I've heard that as an LVN this position was RARE, if non- existent! thanks!
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  3. by   Fiona59
    You have to check out your own job market.

    I work in postpartum care in Canada. We only admit babies to the "nursery" for an assessment and bath. The nursery is also used to perform bili treatments and car seat assessments on low birth weights prior to going home. The Apgar, eye drops, and Vit. K. is done in L&D.

    As an LPN, I perform the admission assessment, first bath and then pass the babe onto Mum as our hospital is a "rooming in" facility where it's Mum's responsiblity to care for her baby. We then work the floor, our duties require postpartum assessments on Mum (fundus, flow, breasts, etc.), loads of education on infant care and feeding. Most of the Mums are on routine pain meds and stool softeners and we have the odd insulin drip running.

    RNs do the few IV starts that we require on our unit and we have very few IV meds running as the majority of our patients are healthy and go home in 24 hours. So it can be very fast paced. The usual workload is five mums and their babies.
  4. by   kat7ap
    It is rare. In fact I never thought I would have this opportunity as an LPN. I only have one year experience, not in OB. I work in a hospital LDRP (Labor, Delivery, Recovery, Postpartum). I function as a postpartum nurse and as scrub nurse for c-sections. We don't have a nursery in our unit. However just because there are LPN/LVN's in these positions does not mean that any where near you is hiring, if they are it will be extremely competitive. Not to get you down, but I wouldn't have my hopes set on it, but you never know... I count my lucky stars :spin:
  5. by   nursynurseRN
    At Arrowhead regional medical center in colton california, my friend just got a job in post-partum doing couplet care.......