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Here is a question I have been pondering. Is someone who has their license as a LPN/LVN considered to be a real nurse? How do most Helthcare professionals view LPN/LVN? When I get my LVN license... Read More

  1. by   nurseman99
    unfortunately the trauma center in n.j. where i work has "reclassified" our lpn,s as pca2,s.this means they give meds but the management has taken the stance that they want all bedside practioners to be r.n;s.a pca2 is demoralizing to our hard working practical nurses.however i think that many lpn;s would agree in the education department an r.n. is required to take more classes,write more papers and do more clinical to earn the title r.n.i;m not saying in my many yrs as an r.n. that i would gladly trade a few of my r.n.,s for my lpn,s!that aside, we are in a day and age where titles seem to undermind actual knoweledge.i;ve worked with both bsn,msn,s and even one working on her phd who value my diploma trained insight more than any professor they have ever had,but the bosses prefer the degree!it stinks!soon just as my beloved lpn,s got reengineered to a different position the diploma nurses will be next......guess i;d better go back to school.....
  2. by   TerreP
    Quote from RN34TX
    "Can't" do something such as pushing narcs and not being legally allowed to do something are two completely different things.
    The practice acts need the cobwebs cleared and be updated.
    LPN's are capable of doing far more than give Tylenol and insert foleys.
    I agree...I know the LPN's I work with are capable of doing the job!!! It's just the hospital "scope of practice" thing that prevents it. Same with me...I am an EMT-B, but work as a health unit coordinator while I go to nursing school. We have had nights where there is only one PCA for the entire unit, and she's running all night, and I'm not busy, but because it's not in my "scope of practice", I can't help with vitals and Accuchecks, even though I am nationally certified to do so! It gets frustrating, because I want to help. But there is nothing I can do about it.
  3. by   swimer
    Quote from Nascar nurse
    LPN's are REAL NURSES and don't ever let anyone make you think your not, but boy will they try. I was an LPN for 19 years and finally completed my RN just this year. Thought I would severely hurt those around me that tried to congratulate me with " After all this time your FINALLY a nurse". What the H*ll ya think I been doing for the past 19 years :angryfire . Good luck and go for it
    I like your response!!! I went to vocational school at age 16, and graduated & passed boards when I was 18. I have heard many versions of the meaning of LPN..... "Little Pretend Nurse" for one!! No pretending here!! With 5 years under my belt, I am now motivating myself to finish my at home program for my RN....$$$