ALREADY starting to feel "burnt out" or am I overreacting?

  1. Hello fellow nurses!
    Just a lil vent.... And hoping for some encouragement. I feel as no one outside the nursing world really understands what we go through sometimes in our career [emoji26]. I still consider myself a "new nurse" and know I still have a lot to learn. ( I have been an LVN for 2 years now) I always thought I had a solid plan of completing LVN then working a lil to get experience and complete prereqs to apply to bridge program and soon enough become RN. I knew it would be difficult but had no idea how hard it really would be. Getting into the real world of nursing and actually working in it has become an eye opener for me. I thought graduating would be the end of the hard work but have come to realize the sad truth that it really was only the beginning. I feel as nursing has COMPLETELY consumed my life. My work schedule consumes my life and I come home physically and even more so emotionally and mentally drained. I feel like it's taking over me. I work in a busy level 1 trauma center in LA, CA. I hardly have time to spend with my kids due to work schedule. I find myself feeling guilty over not being able to participate in any school activities with them. My body has already began to wear down from being on my feet 12 hours a day. My dr diagnosed me with metatarsalgia. I'm only in my mid 20's [emoji33]. And my relationship with my spouse is definitely being affected. I feel as though I barely ever see him. Please tell me this gets better with time. I am so passionate about nursing and my patients it is all I ever wanted to do. But I can't help but feel as though maybe I need to do something else as a career for my health and my family. I planned on working nov shift originally during the RN program but at this point I feel as if I'll never make it through an RN program. Feeling hopeless. Anyone can relate?

    -don't wanna give up
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  3. by   andreasmom02
    I have heard from fellow LPNs & RNs through the years that the first couple of years are the hardest. Some nurses adjust to it, and absolutely love nursing, and do it until they retire... others (which I am an other) never really love it & burn out fairly quickly or go in to another field. I became an LPN in '07. I have never liked any LPN job that I've had, and am currently becoming a medical coder (CPC-A). I am definitely more of a desk job person. I am also a SAHM, and am not able to do the 12 hour shifts as an LPN right now. I am so glad I decided to go in to coding. I love the medical terminology/anatomy side of nursing, but not so much the bedside care. I think everyone is different. I'm just glad I realized after a few clinic LPN jobs that I was miserable being a nurse, and needed a change. I hope things get better for you. Have you considered switching to a different dept in your hospital, or a less stressful atmosphere? Good luck to you, & I hope things work out for the best!
  4. by   JessePacificNW
    Well maybe it’s not nursing so much as it is the particular nursing job you have or the amount you are working. Trauma care is very demanding. Maybe while your children are young you’d be happier doing something else and working 8 hour shifts instead. Sometimes changing shifts helps. Maybe you would do better working a job with set days on and the same consistent two days in a row off. Or maybe you would do better working a job where you have weekend doubles and then enjoy five days off in a row every week and get paid almost as much as if you were working full time.

    There are a lot of different places to work, jobs you can do. I’d say if you’re unhappy with everything you’ve tried then maybe nursing isn’t for you but if you’ve only tried one thing and it’s not for you then maybe it’s not nursing as a whole, but rather just that one thing? I hated my first nursing job enough that I wondered if maybe I’d made a really bad mistake and shouldn’t be a nurse at all. But my next job I loved it! It was like night and day. Rather than just throwing in the towel, maybe try something new first?
  5. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from isabella_serene
    My body has already began to wear down from being on my feet 12 hours a day.
    If you work 12-hour shifts, I assume you have anywhere from three to four days off per week. What are you doing during those days off to create a work/life balance?

    Good luck to you. I know the feeling of burnout and it isn't pretty...
  6. by   Been there,done that
    Are you working three 12 hour night shifts? It could be the shift work is affecting you even on your days off.

    No job is worth your family, your relationship, and your health. Rethink your options.