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Hi, I am 48 years old. I have four children all grown and out of the house. I am looking to become an LPN and later an RN. I am really uncomfortable about my age, since I would imagine I would be... Read More

  1. by   RNSacht
    HI, Just graduated 1 year ago, have been an rn now for 9months in a community hospital on a telemetry floor and I will celebrate my 40th birthday in August. It is the best thing I have done (completed my Rn license) I will now always have a job, my kids can have what they want, I CAN have what I want. Go for the dream
  2. by   ora
    I am 50 and halfway through with my LPN. There are several in my class who are close to my age. I get along great with everyone, I have gotten very close to two twenty-five year olds.

    I work a day job and attend school at night. After I graduate I plan to work as LPN and go on to RN.

    I say go for it! You still have lots of years ahead of you.
  3. by   Hope2Be
    it is so motivating to hear all different ages going back to school!!! i applaud each and every one of you for your guys are a true example that it is never too late.

    i am 34 years old starting my pre-reqs this jan '07, and i was second guessing myself, that i was too old to start a career, but now after reading all these threads, i cant wait to start the journey..thank you all for sharing!!
    and to southflorida2, i hope you got inspired as i did, ****go or it!!!!:wink2: and good luck!!!
  4. by   Hope2Be
    Dont give up...I can imagine it not being easy, but think of the pay off in the end..not sure why you dont want to keep going for RN???
  5. by   nurseinlimbo
    I was 30 when I went back to school. Had worked in the field for 5 years and didn't have to take any upgrading courses, was accepted on my high school marks, adult learning testing and an interview. There were a few older than me, the oldest in our group was almost 60.
    My advice though, I'm not sure I'd do it again. There was politics during school, I don't feel they prepared me well for what I would be expected to know and do when I got out, and the nursing environments that I have encountered have been horrible.
    I no longer have a life, avoid my telephone (thank goodness for call display), and tried changing my situation by taking more training in the OR, only to find out that they are the most toxic environment I've encountered yet. Now I am many thousands in debt and while I enjoy my work in LTC and rural nursing, I don't feel very appreciated or respected.
    Find out all you can going in, because I've spoken to a few students in second year who work with me as nurses aides, and they say if they had it to do over again they'd pick something else too. They are being treated horribly on their clinical floors.
  6. by   Hope2Be
    nurseinlimbo, while I an not a nurse and cant fully understand your experience, I must say that I feel that in most fields people will generally be unappreciated and not treated with respect, I work in the "corporate world" and its no different here. when you work with "people "you are going to encounter different personalities and the ones that want to act like they are gods gift to this world or look down on you because you dont have a degree or schooling. You can not escape it. There will always be back- stabbing, gossipers and the ones that are looking to get you into trouble. You have to pretend to get along so that you can have some peace while at work, it isnt an easy thing to do, its a daily struggle to ignore people, their comments. I feel NA's are the least unappreciated, ( I was one at 19) you are looked at being at the bottom of the chain and are treated as such..kudoos to those who stand up for themselves!!

    As far as your working environment being extremely hazardous, isnt there a union that you can report this too!!??:angryfire

    I also feel that school never prepares a student for real world situtions, its all text book learning, I suppose if the students were well prepared and informed for this there wouldnt be "waiting lists" to enter nursing school

    -sorry to hear about the debt thing..I just came out of mine (working an extra job to pay it off and I did it)
  7. by   nurseinlimbo
    I don't think you can fully comprehend it unless you have been on one of the floors where it is really bad.
    By toxic, I didn't mean hazardous to my health (other than mental), I meant a work place that has got such a bad reputation that they no longer get new applicants, mostly due to the management that is currently in place.

    I've never heard of a field where students and new graduates are treated as poorly as nurses. I have worked in other workplaces and never experienced anything to this degree.

    I also was an NA, 5 yrs before school and during school. Even there, I didn't feel the way I do now. I really thought educated professionals didn't behave this way.

    I was almost debt free until I took the OR course. 2 months with no income was very hard on my family, I certainly couldn't afford to take a vacation or hiatus that long, and the course itself cost $5330 out of my pocket, not eligible for student loans. It will take us at least a year or more to get back to where we were, and that wasn't with any savings, that was just being able to manage our bills and live in a house that we own.

    So, all I am saying is, find out where you will be working and maybe jobshadow or get a job as an aide before jumping in with both feet.
  8. by   Ruby Vee
    [font="comic sans ms"]my advice -- go for it. if it takes you two years to be a nurse, you'll be 50. how old are you going to be if you don't go for it?
  9. by   maddiesmommy
    I'm 32, and have been a SAHM for about 6 yrs. I currently have an 18-month old and am planning to go to LPN school when she starts kindergarten in about 3 1/2 years. That will put me at 35 years old, graduating at 36 years old... and this is only if I get into the school that year. The class only yields 40 people. It's very hard to get into the school I'm looking to get into, but their nurses come highly recommended. I know it will be worth it.
    I had the same exact thoughts as you, and am worried about age differences... although, my main worry is that I haven't been in a school setting for almost 15 years... by the time I do get in, it will be closer to 20! But everyone here has really put my mind at ease. I am going to focus on the goal and my dream and not let my age get the better of me. I'm sure there will be younger people there, but I'm sure I won't be the oldest...and if I am, then it will be ok.
    Good luck to you, I wish you all the best!