A LVN taking a non-lvn job

  1. hello. i've posted a thread before blabbing about being jobless. and i know a lot of people are having the same problem. Being LVN is just not doing it. especially that I'm a new grad and I don't have a degree either. But I also read and heard RNs are also having troubles also landing a job.

    So anyways, after 3+ months of job hunting ...I still don't have a decent one. I worked for an agency but so far I only worked 2 days as a school nurse since may...and now since school is over..I basically don't have work. I've been applying everywhere...online..walk-ins. NOTHING. but I'm not suprised at all...

    on the other hand, i have interview this thursday but not as a lvn...as direct support professional to assist developmentally disabled adults during the facility's day program from 7:30-3:30 MONDAY TO FRIDAY for $10 per hour. (they are really short in staff so i'm pretty sure i'm going to get it and my friend works there also) I thought to myself that since I'm jobless I would just take this opportunity ..though it's only somewhat nursing-related. I don't have any other experience though besides my clinical rotations from school and agency..but it doesn't really count because cmon... 2 days. and a school nurse? eh. with this job, i will actually be in contact and interaction with the clients..it's non-medical..but I can see that this can be a good background since I don't have any other "health-related" experience.

    So I was wondering...what is your take on this? Is this a good move for me? I will keep applying for sure. I'm also planning to apply for volunteer at a local hospitals..but it's interesting though because even the volunteer programs are packed. But I need to keep checking...

    Hope I hear from you guys. Thanks
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  3. by   Blackcat99
    Yes, definately take the job. You will have a steady income and it will be a good job experience to have on your resume.
  4. by   nursel56
    It does sound like a really interesting job! I'd take it in a hot second! And if the bills are piling up, you may need to take a job outside nursing. Having food to eat and a roof over your head trumps all other considerations.

    I have to be honest, though. In my experience as an LVN, a job in a related field or as a volunteer is not considered experience to a nurse recruiter. It will perhaps make you more attractive a candidate than someone else, because it makes you more well-rounded and shows initiative.

    If you choose to volunteer at a place that could theoretically hire you, you will have the opportunity to network, and could be a real plus providing you don't give people the impression that you are only volunteering to get a "shoe in" the door.

    Having said all that, what we are experiencing in the field right now will cause us to throw out the rule book we've relied on for decades. Anyone who's job it is to hire nurses would have to live in a cave not to know that we are far from normal times, and more accepting of the idea of a job outside nursing is a necessity for many people.

    You mentioned the agency job. Have you looked into private duty care through an agency? Ours hired a new grad, and though we are filling up quickly, there are opportunites out there. Best wishes to you.
  5. by   caliotter3
    I've seen ads for these jobs and have almost sought one myself. Actually the rate of pay is better than the unemployment check I was getting so it would have been a step up the economic ladder plus getting all the benefits of working with this population and doing something useful for other people, instead of moping around trying to find a job. I second the advice to take this job. But do not stop looking for an LVN job. JMO
  6. by   akayerich
    I actually did a job like that once. It was before I was a nurse, but it was the job that got me started in healthcare. It was really a lot of fun. I would definitely take it if I were you. The company I worked for also hired nurses. So maybe if you work for them you could have your foot in the door if a nurse position opened up.
  7. by   kikisan
    thank you guys. really appreciate it. oh yeah for the agency though...they're really bs. i keep asking them for another assignment but this is what i think. the first time they hired me they said that they're placing me to a assisted living facility. but that didn't go through and the recruiter told me he has no idea what happened to the contract so for weeks i was just waiting but i realized that this agency just recruits and recruits but doesn't even have enough jobs for everyone.
  8. by   TheCommuter
    Back in 2000 and 2001, before I became a nurse, I was employed as a direct care staff member at a group home for six clients with mental retardation at a pay rate of $8.00 hourly in southern California. This gig lasted for eight months, and I really enjoyed it. I basically performed a lot of CNA duties: showering, feeding, toileting, bed-making, getting clients dressed, changing briefs, transferring from bed to wheelchair, completing flow sheets, light cleaning, laundering clothes, and meal preparation. I also passed oral medications to the clients every morning before they caught the bus to their day program.

    Many of the corporations who own these mental retardation group homes also need nurses on-call or in a consulting capacity, so an opportunity to work as an LVN for the company might arise at a later date. Good luck to you.
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  9. by   kikisan
    thanks commuter!
  10. by   kikisan
    hey guys. good news! got hired today after the interview. i feel sorta stupid though because he has asked me if $10 per hour is okay in spite the fact that i have license and everything and just nodded and said yeah taht's fine. i shouldve at least ask for a dollar more or something =/ what do you guys think?
  11. by   nursel56
    Congrats!! I just picked myself up off the floor, too! Are you saying he was concerned he wasn't paying you enough?!? Wow! If it were me, I might bring it up in a way like, "well, how much have you budgeted this job for?" Or just do a really good job, and if no LVN job comes up, ask for a raise in 3 months. Best wishes!!
  12. by   caliotter3
    Congrats! The job was presented to you at $10 an hour, so it is ok to accept it at that rate, although it would have been nice if he had offered more. You can ask for more later, or move on when you get an LVN job at LVN pay. Enjoy your new job!