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After doing my clinicals in LTC's as an LPN student (first semester) I realized that maybe I won't fit in nursing. I guess if I have to stay I have to find a job (after I graduate) that's less LTC... Read More

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    i'm almost embarassed to talk about all the great jobs i've had as an lpn. when i got out of school...many many years ago, i was hired for recovery room....i then ran an ekg department...and about two years after i was in the ekg department, the chief of medicine at our hospital asked me to come to work for him....as his hospital nurse. he was internal medicine...i got to see and learn a lot. several years later, i moved to a different state and started working in agencies...doing hospitals, private duty and some subtance abuse centers. i used to watch the staffing people and i always thought i could do that job really well. so...i asked the director of one of the agencies to give me a try in the office. i started doing it in 1985....and two years later, a private investor approached us about opening an agency for him.....i am still there 20 years later! i never worked a weekend or holiday in all my years of nursing..unless i wanted to. now that's what i call an easy career
    it sounds like you have had a phenomenal career! kudos to you! i always wanted to work in a substance abuse center.
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    After doing my clinicals in LTC's as an LPN student (first semester) I realized that maybe I won't fit in nursing. I guess if I have to stay I have to find a job (after I graduate) that's less LTC type. I wonder if there are ER/OR/prison jobs/doctor office jopbs for LPN's.

    Where are the "easy" jobs for LPN's? I am not scared of the fast paced ER type setting. Not scared of blood and death. I hate the constant smell of body waste and I have zero patience for it. But Other than that I can do nursing.

    Any intelligent response?

    I can relate...I love being a nurse, but I don't like working in certain situations. I currently work in corrections and it is not always easy...you can go months with no problems and then come to work that one day... and all hell is breaking out. I remember just a few weeks ago it was 5 am and I was preparing to start my pill line, and we got a call that an inmate had hung himself. I had to drop everything run over with the stretcher to get him...only to find out that he was not successful and was walking down the stairs with the officers...Working for a prison can be stressful too...most of the time things are quiet, but when things heat up they really heat up. In my opinion, on a good job...hell never breaks out.

    I think the best area of nursing for people that like slow environments is Psych...because from what I'm told after you pass meds and chart you are finished. Basically, those people have mental illness and are not acute patients. Presently, I am trying to get a position in psych as well...Of course the pay is low, but I think it's worth it... if I can make a descent living and have a stress free job and attend school and study while at work. From what I understand the starting salary is around $17 and a little more if you work nights, and $25 for RNs.
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    Yes, substance abuse centers are good places to work as well. My supervisor used to work for one and she cried when the place shut down...I was called for a position with one, but they wanted me to come in at 4am and I couldn't be at work so early because of obligations to my family. They usually work for like 4am to 1pm good hours for some people...I don't know if all of them operate this way, but this particular center does...
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    You can work for an HMO and some attorneys depending on your state.
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    You will not make much money in an office setting(believe me I know) and the benefits are generally laughable, perhaps you should consider continuing on for your RN(and BSN if possible) and go from there. It will open up a lot more career opportunities for you. I know in my state hospitals, home health and psych won't use LPN/LVNs, if you live in an area that does, take advantage of it!
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    I work in a Psych unit and term "easy" doesn't even come to my mind. Although there isn't much physical stress involved while working in a Psych unit there is a ton of MENTAL stress. Dealing with patient's unique personalities takes a toll on you at some point. But at the end of the day i would have to say i have the best job in the world. Just being able to utilize my personality and being able to communicate with these patients really opens up my eyes. The majority of my patients are depressed and just need someone to talk to. I personally would not want to have an "easy" job. I like to be able to learn new things and develop new skills everyday i come into my unit. Having an "easy" nursing job would not give me these proper skills. Experience is what we all need to move up.
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    I hear what your saying about the smells, my first job out of nursing school was in LTC and that place always had an odor, I even brought my own personal bottle of air freshener so that I could spray the hallway etc, when odors got too bad! I also worked a short while in HomeHealth/private care which I thouroughly enjoyed, was for the most part easy(in comparison to LTC) read many books. He had a trach and G tube, so there was suctioning and such but when all was said and done, I then had extra time to read or watch t.v. or just talk with my pt. I really did get satisfaction that I was actually doing something worthwhile for somebody. I now work in a prison, and I found that it has so far been the easiest nursing work, mostly giving meds, taking vitals in the clinics and helping the R.N.s with orders, dressing changes, nothing too disgusting so far. It is just that you are dealing with a whole different clientele, as these are criminals and their job is try to get what they want, be it drugs or whatever, so you have a different mindset with this type of nursing. And some of the nurses are pretty hardended, and can be somewhat abrasive and harsh. The money is okay, I make 3800 a month to start, with a 5% increase in 6 mos. good benes and can work lots of overtime if I want to. I'm not running my rear off constantly like in LTC, but it isn't as fulfilling as private duty. So you just have to weigh your priorities. There are a lot of opportunities for nurses/LVNs out there, try different things as I did and you will find what you like. good luck.
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    Please remember that LPN and RN nursing is not the same as CNA nursing. First clinical experience is generally a taste of CNA nursing. Most hospitals or LTC facilities do not employ their RNs and LPNs to do primary or direct care nursing although LPNs do more that RNs. DRs offices and walk in clinics would probably be the "easyiest" work for an LPN. But really if your are looking to get into a health care field job with easy work and limited hands on patient care you should try for sonographer or x-ray tech. I believe these are in high demand and pay just as well if not more and schooling requirements aren't any longer than PN.
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    Just as a side note I have always felt that the worst boody fluid was spit or vomit. Blood next especially fresh and that only because of the smell. Spit is just plain old nasty if something were to make me gag it would be the spit. Ugh!!! As for urine and feces well they can be gross to but usually you tend to get over those ones. Especially if you have had children.
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    Is it just me or does anybody else think the OP is looking to do the bare minimum and "just get by"? I certainly would not want a nurse with this mindset.
    I agree. I also found it offensive for OP to think that any nursing jobs (LPN or RN) could be classified as "easy". Maybe it was just a poor choice of wording.
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    I hate the constant smell of body waste and I have zero patience for it. But Other than that I can do nursing.

    Working in a prison is a very foul enviornment. The inmates often throw feces and urine on the staff members (that means YOU, if you decide to work there). As a woman, you will be called %itch and whore A LOT. You also have a chance of dying in a riot situation. It is not an easy job. One year was enough for me. California prisons force you to work overtime against your will if people call in sick or their are open positions...something to think about.
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    Whatever you do, do not step into a prison if you are a woman! I worked at one for 2-weeks and I felt violated everytime I stepped into the facilty. I did not have a strong enough backbone for this area where men talk to you like you are a potential sex object. Making remarks about your looks and body is not what I went into nursing for. Prison nursing is not "easy".

    Exactly..I have heard women called the most vile , offensive words by inmates. How could one come to work day after day and hear that?
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