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lpn license after moral review

by DaniloWhite DaniloWhite (New) New

Hello all, i wanted to share my story...,prior to nursing school i was caught with a bag of marijuana in nys. I recieved an acd with no conditions......fast forward...i completed my nursing program may 13,2014. I submitted my application including my documentation regarding my dismissed charge to nys...i paid my fee to pearson about 4 weekd later..,,hey i was broke..,,,anywho after paying that fee i recieved my att 15 mins later.....i scheduled my test date for july 16....i was do extremely nervous ....i got like 20 sata and a whole lotta priority questions...,150 in all...,,,,I got home tried pearson vue trick got the good pop....48hrs later 7/19...i fpund out i passed via pearson vue website.....,,,afterva week i still hadn't seen my license number on the nys bon website...i called.they told me i was in moral review..,,they transferred me to that dept....andthe man said they had cleared.me.as.of that day and to give it another week orbso...,,,,,my lcensed finally populated on 7/31

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I have no clue as to what you just posted.

Is there any wonder you have a communication problem?

Be very careful in your future communications... you appear disoriented.

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I am having difficulty understanding you...you got caught with a bag a marijuana and got some diminished charge. You took your NCLEX and they put you under review and you just found out you passed.


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This story proves that, in some instances, obtaining a nursing license is very possible even with a criminal record.