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Do Georgian hospitals hire LPNs? where do most LPNs work and is there a lot of job opportunities for LPNS in Georgia or are majority jobs are for RNs?


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Go to http://www.ajc.com and check the classifieds for nursing jobs. My daughter is an LPN and works for a doctors office in Cartersville, Ga. She loves it.


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I work with quite a few LPN's. We've had a few come and go since I've been there too, so there must be positions open for them.


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I visited GA a few times last year and fell in love with it. I'm an LPN student and wanted to know what is the salary range for entry level LPNs in the Gwinnett County/ Atlanta area. I know the salary would be lower than where I am in Nj but housing is extremely high in NJ compared to the area I visited in Ga. Besides housing what is the cost of living like.



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hospital $15-18

clinics $12-16

nursing homes $16-19


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I'm a frustrated Dec. grad. I've already taken and passed the NCLEX-PN and have a verifiable license no. I graduated with an overall 3.7 GPA (not that that matters to employers), but I haven't even been granted an interview by any Atlanta area hospital that I've applied to. Apparently they all want experience of at least one year on a med-surg floor. OK, I WANT to work on a med-surg floor, but I can't get my foot in the door. I'm going to Southern Regional Medical Center's Acute Rehab job fair today in hopes that something good will happen even though they are advertising for LPN's with at least a year's experience :o


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Go see the manager on the med surge at the hospital you would like to work at. I learned through experience that they will most likely not even see your application. Would you be more likely to hire someone that wanted the job so much they came to see you personally?


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Can I ask your e-mail address?

I have a question


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:twocents:are these pay rates still the same for LPN?


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I have been looking for just over a month noone wants to hire new LPNs, I even have exp as a EMT but I assume it dosent count for anything... Any ideas on where to look next I want to do a nursing home facility


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Not sure what area ur live in but try. Jonesboro nursing and rehab or any golden living nursing homes. It seems like thats our only hope is nursing homes. Good luck

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