1. I am applying to OLOLC for the Accelerated program, and was told that there is a program that helps pay the tuition. Could someone please tell me what WIA is and where do I apply. When I googled it I got info on a California program.

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  3. by   Sunshine0425
    I am familiar with WIA...they have grant money and are paying most of our tuition in conjunction with Tulane paying the rest. They inform you about it once you are in the program. I don't think you can apply for monies until you are accepted. It was just part of the pkg. that came with the accelerated program. I don't know if it's something they do every year, or just since Katrina????? I just know it's been a huge BLESSING not paying for tuition or fees. Especially since there is absolutely no time to work. Good Luck!!!
  4. by   MS Kathy
    I don't know what it is called in Louisiana. But it may be a place to look ofr info. Here each school has its own program guidelines and they can tell you more or call the unemployment office and ask.
  5. by   Stalwart
    It is called LWIA in Louisiana. You can contact them through your local louisiana workforce center. (unemployment office). It won't pay for pre req's but once you are in your nursing coursework they pay for everything, plus a gas and food allowance.

    Hope this helps
  6. by   dsoginer
    Thank you, that is the information I needed. Merry Christmas and may you all have a blessed new year.:icon_razz::icon_razz::icon_razz::xmas_smilie s_daz:
  7. by   Ang_RN
    Okay I am going to apply for WIA in MS tuesday. How does it work? Does it get added to our money in our account at the college? Someone explain how it works to me please?
  8. by   TimBukWho?
    Quote from angcurdy
    Okay I am going to apply for WIA in MS tuesday. How does it work? Does it get added to our money in our account at the college? Someone explain how it works to me please?
    I had WIA pay for my nursing program. The way it worked when I began was that once you apply they go through your paperwork to see if you qualify for the program. There aren't set limits, however it is a income to debt/bills ratio and size of your family. They look at utility bills, rent/mortgage, car insurance premiums, car payment, etc. If approved you get an amount for school that is paid directly to the school. They also helped pay for some of my uniforms and a stethescope, watch and shoes. I also was approved for mileage reimbursement, but that just depends on how far you drive for school/clinicals. You have to send in mileage sheets every two weeks signed by your instructors and then they send you a check to reimburse. You also must maintain monthly contact letting them know how you are progressing through your courses. I was able to do this by e-mail with my case worker. After you graduate you also stay in monthly contact letting them know where you obtained employment post-graduation, how much your hourly wage is and just how you are doing. This is done to show that the program works. For example, if you started the program working at a p/t retail job making $8.00/hr and then finish the nursing program and now make $22.00/hr, they can show that the grant is useful in helping people obtain better wages and being self-sufficient. In that way they will be able to keep the program available for future students.

    Also, just fyi, WIA is available for job training that is currently in demand in your area.....not just nursing. In my area they paid for training for semi-truck drivers, respiratory therapist, welders, etc. There were many other job titles that they would train you for, those are just the few I could think of.

    Hope this info helps!
  9. by   dsoginer
    In our class this year, the local employment office was too late in applying for the grant so Tulane had to pick up the whole bill for OLOL in the Fall. In the Spring they just paid for half of the tuition. No one recieved mileage during the year. Perhaps your class will have this option as did the class before us. Good luck with school and feel free to ask any questions.D
  10. by   Ang_RN
    That sounds great. I am really hoping to get approved. So far I have spent $230 on labs and physical, about $130 on uniforms, and I still have to get shoes, stethescope, some scrubs and a few other things. My bank account is literally crying.
  11. by   jcase
    anyone interested in learning about wia training programs in your state may find this link helpful http://www.careeronestop.org/wiaprovidersearch.asp

    click on your state and then look for "education" or "training programs" or something similar. sometimes it is helpful to contact the school directly and "work backwards" from there. good luck!