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I am in the process of trying to make my final decision between Panola College and Northwestern State University in Shreveport. Panola has their online/flex option (clinicals at night and on weekend... Read More

  1. by   carla1987
    Well, all I can is from MY experience and on how many students that I KNOW had to repeat the course that the school is one I would steer clear from. Yes, you are correct about the beginning dosage calcs, however once you get passed the BASICS the problems require alot more than just basic knowledge, and for those of us who don't know much about IV drips, reconstitution, etc, using workbooks as a guide and not getting help from teacher until you've FAILED is not sufficient. I distinctly remember our prof. not going over that material until after the majority of the d*mn class is failing the quizzes and the test averages are barely passing.

    Your friend may be correct on 5 dropping AFTER they have been in the hospital but a great load of them left before that. I also can recall that MOST people in the class were not passing the tests. You had a few who got in their nineties etc, but most of the kids I knew were not anywhere near that range, and I KNOW one of the guys who would make nineties was a person who had to repeat this course. Personally I don't have time to continue to get loans and repeat the first level 2 and 3 times to pass. Some of the kids right now who are doing ok in 1100 have to at least a 90 to pass the entire course. I am glad you did well at NSU but I am not the only person who has complaints about this school and their so called "methods" of teaching. I highly advise any students interested to go to Southern or Panola college. They are way more flexible when it comes to your schedule and will actually try to HELP you pass instead of failing of you.
  2. by   bassadict69
    If you are having that much trouble with 1st level, 2nd will definately kick your butt!

    Have you used the tutors for help? They are free & I know one of them at least is excellent with dosage calc!
  3. by   carla1987
    Quote from bassadict69
    If you are having that much trouble with 1st level, 2nd will definately kick your butt!

    Have you used the tutors for help? They are free & I know one of them at least is excellent with dosage calc!

    Hi there. When I was in clinical I did not have the time to go and talk with the tutors. My reasoning for this is bc I was from Natchitoches and by the time I would finish class in Shreveport, I had to get back home for work. I wish there were some tutors available for the Natchitoches Campus because not all of us are able to stay and meet with tutors at the Shreveport Campus due to other obligations. I am not trying to trash NSU's College of Nursing but the person who created this thread simply asked for an opinion, and I am just sharing how terrible my experience was. I am not basing nor did I ever base my opinion of NSU's College of Nursing on the horror stories I was told prior to entering, although these things did turn out to be true. I can remember distinctly going to my professor for help on quite a few of the tests, but the things she reviewed were NOT even relatively similar to what is actually on the test, so I just stopped going to reviews after a few times because they were not helping. I believe the instructor I went to for NURA 1100 and 1110 would want to help us by giving reviews but the "head" instructor was the one creating the tests, therefore she did not have a lot of input as to what was put on the tests. I can also remember in check offs how the other 3 teachers for clinical would try to help students because we were nervous, and she would say let them do it on their own. She was the most condescending person I have ever met and after clinical lab I could always remember feeling like a complete idiot. Not all of us have prior medical experience and when they rush through certain applications most people are not going to pick up the "correct" technique after watching a Potter and Perry video once.
  4. by   bassadict69
    I understand about the time issue...I do not see how anyone can do this & work but some do.

    Also, I agree that more could be done to make life easier. I have seen quite a few things that threw us for a loop that friends of mine who are 2 levels ahead of me said they ran into the exact same thing, such as a misworded question on a test.

    My biggest help I think has been by joining a study group, it has helped tremendously!
  5. by   bassadict69
    Carla, who did you have for 1st level clinicals...sounds like my instructor (PM it to me if you prefer)
  6. by   carla1987
    Unfortunately I have not acquired enough of posts to pm users. As I continue to post on this board, hopefully I will be able to pm you the name of this professor. I am sure that if I post her name on this forum that it will more than likely be erased.
  7. by   jamalik2
    All I can say is wow to some of the threads about NSU! Every school has it's ups and downs and the best way to see if a particular school is for you is to go and check it out for yourself. What may be good for me may not be for someone else.

    Carla1987, I want to encourage you not to give up on your dream on becoming a nurse. Just because you couldn't pass the tests at NSU, try somewhere else but do your research first. I understand what you meant about nursing test being totally different than regular college tests. It took me failing 2 tests before I could grasp the concept of critical and analytical thinking! Thank God, Panola has a great tutors that are RNs and they are really there to help you. They even tutor my class as a whole in between classes (during lunch hour). By them doing this, test scores have really improved. I feel like at Panola, if you don't pass level 1, it's because you have poor study habits, you didn't prioritize, or you just didn't care. I am not saying that it's easy, but there is no excuse not to pass, when you have availbale resources.

    bassadict69 what level are you in @ NSU? I wish you the best because I know a lot of people who have had to drop or either didn't make the grade to make it to the next level. Also, do you know if NSU teachers will be teaching at BPCC? I wish you the best of luck!
  8. by   bassadict69
    I am finishing up 2nd level right now. I had always heard 2nd was the toughest & I now believe it!!!

    I have not heard of any instructor's moving over to BPCC, but it would not surprise me a bit!
  9. by   jesswus
    Second level is by far the worst. 3rd level is like a vacation, but the OB stuff is so boring you will be falling asleep in class. 4th level is challenging for some, the cardiac stuff presents the most problems and the pedi stuff is pretty basic and easy. If you can make it through 2nd, you should be pretty home free. From what I hear none of the instructors are going, but I may be wrong, and I'm sure none of them would announce that they are leaving anyhow. Good luck
  10. by   bassadict69
    So far, there have not been many I would like to see move over there! BPCC has an awesome reputation for taking care of students & putting them first! Not many from NSU would fit in with that!

    I have also heard that Psych puts the hurting to a few each semester & was told to kick butt on the OB & Neuro or whatever the other is so OB will not hurt near as much!
    I am actually looking forward to cardiac in 4th...I also work as an EMT so I see a lot of cardiac problems but am pretty much lost with most of it, but do learn a little each time from my paramedics.
  11. by   jesswus
    Remember, NSU instructors are tough, they do not babysit you, there reputation is for putting your future patients first, not you, and you will be better prepared because of it. I am not going to knock other schools, but I can tell you from my personal experience the BEST nurses come from NSU. I am not saying all of them, but the majority definately do. When you are in the ER and a pt is going into hypovolemic shock or having a AAA, you BETTER know what to do. Nobody is gonna be right there to "hold your hand" and tell you everything will be ok. I remember thinking how horrible they all were, but when you are done and in the real world, you will think back and thank them for it, trust me.

    If you are an EMT you will breeze through the cardiac stuff, most of it is just recognizing the rhythm (different blocks, SVT's, Junctionals, etc) and the treatment, which im sure you already pretty much know. I LOVE cardiac, I LOVED 4th level because of it. I personally found the psych stuff easy, I guess it just depends on how you think. The neuro is basically med-surg, so it is easy. The OB is easy, but I did the worst on it because I hated it so much, and clinical was dreadful...ugggghhhh. Sorry having flashbacks. Anyhow good luck.
  12. by   bassadict69
  13. by   jamalik2
    I heard that 2nd level is what gets everybody (no matter what school it is) and once you get over that hump, it gets better. I will be taking 2nd level this summer, so keep me in your prayers! By the way, does anyone know how much the S'port-Bossier area hospitals start their RNs out per hour w/o the per diems, overtime, etc.?

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