ONE MORE MONTH Jan o7/Charity

  1. has anybody finished the reading assighnments yetim still workink on mine going to library today, no kids so i got plenty of time to myself
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  3. by   savanna0511
    No, I'm still working on it. I'm waiting for my pharm book to come in the mail, but I've read the 1st chapter of the basics book and I am almost through the fundamentals of nursing textbook. I can't believe we only have 1 month left. Nervous, anyone?
  4. by   hikingmom3
    I am also attending in Jan and am getting very nervous. My books have not arrived yet so I am already behind it looks like.
    I am not sure what to expect at charity, I do not know anyone who has attended there and am curious about the schedule, Mondays are test days do we have a test every Monday? What about clinical days when do they start, oh so many questions!!!! I am just anxious and nervous and scared oh my!
  5. by   PaxMaster
    yes I believe they are on Monday ,im taking evening classes got to work
    ,Orientation is? Wednesday or Thursday
  6. by   hikingmom3
    thursday the 4th
  7. by   southlandrn
    Anyone going to the SGA "Student to Student" tomorrow? MY kids are not yet back in school so I have to miss it.
  8. by   PaxMaster
    Thanks for info , You know i dont know anyone either but it should be OK since Katrina .im not going i wonder if i should go to student to student i believe its maybe the student government or something
  9. by   savanna0511
    I was going, but I changed my mind when I realized it was the same day as sugarbowl. It's gonna be crazy down there! Is anyone going to Slidell Memorial for clinicals?
  10. by   suezee106
    Hi, I just finished Basics this fall at Charity, starting NAC I next week. Don't sweat missing Student to Student, all they will say is what you will need and what to expect. When you go to the first Orientation, you will be given a disc with all your notes called the course guide. When you get it, take it to Office Depot or any printing store and have them print it out, it will be about 600 pages. Yes, 600 pages!! My advice is to not have them print front and back only one side, b/c you'll have the blank side for notes. You will need to get 2-3inch binders and divide the notes in half. Pharmacology notes are also on this disc and is separate from the basics notes (another binder 2"). The only other thing you may need is a pocket fluid and electrolytes book (Mosby's). It is memory note cards and mnemonics. Very helpful when you get to body fluids. You will pretty much find out everything you will need to know in the first few days.
    Hope this was helpful. Get your rest, you will need it!!!!!!!!!!
  11. by   PaxMaster
    ive got a clinical that starts at 3:30pm what time do you usually have to be there to be on time because i have a job that will cut it close,are they really sticklers for tardiness
  12. by   suezee106
    Yes, you have to be on the nursing unit in time to get report from the nurse who has your patient. You have to be on time. Your clinical instructor will explain this to you before start to go to the hospital. They will also tell you at orientation that everything else is second to nursing school. I understand that everyone has family or has to work. But having a spot at Charity is an honor and there are many other people that wish they could have your spot. It is hard work and is not easy, but will be well worth it when you finish.
  13. by   jemommyRN
    Yes, you must be on time. It is very important and it shows your professionalism. You may just have to leave work about 15 minutes earlier or something.
  14. by   anorma
    Hi, I was wondering about the pax test. I took it on Dec 16th and I am waiting on the results still. How long does it usually take to come in. I am sooo nervous.

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