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  1. savanna0511

    Fingerprints rejected for CSN/January !

    That happened to one of my friends last semester. She just had to go redo them. It wasn't a big deal. Sometimes when they do the fingerprints they smear and cant be read. Monique
  2. Childrens hospital in new orleans does.
  3. savanna0511

    CSN Basics Fall 2007

    It'll get better. Just don't get behind or it will be even worse.
  4. savanna0511

    charity nac 1, fall 2007

    Hey Rachel. I thought you were in days. Did you see that they changed the rotations. B/c i was in touro/st tammany and they changed it to touro/ east jeff. I live in slidell and East Jeff is way too far for me. They added a St tammany/Slidell memorial rotation so I switched with someone. I was in section 374 and now i am in 371. How did you think it went last night? Also, do you know if we are supposed to print out the assessment handouts for tonight? Thanks. I guess i will see you tonight Monique
  5. savanna0511

    charity nac 1, fall 2007

    I hear ya! I'm kind of nervous too. I remember talking to you through allnurses last semester. I forgot though, are you in the day or night program. I am in nights. Good luck tomorrow!
  6. savanna0511

    Charity Jan '08 ACCEPTANCE came today

    I am going into my second semester at Charity. I wanted to Congratulate everyone on your acceptance. To answer some questions, the book list does seem to change each semester. Also, some books are mandatory and some are required. Fundamentals of success is a book that is really good to read before you start. You can get your scrubs at uniforms by bayou. there is one in Covington and Metairie. They have the list of everything you need to get. Good luck.
  7. savanna0511

    Charity Fall 07

    Pretty much all of the lectures are on Tegrity. You can listen to them on your computer.
  8. savanna0511

    any good lpn schools near slidell

    There is a Delta college right in slidell that has a LPN program. There number should be in the phone book. They have a location in Slidell and Covington.
  9. savanna0511

    Finals Charity!!!!

    jemommy, Is Nac 1 harder than basics or is it about the same? Also, are there Tnotes for Nac 1 b/c someone gave the Tnotes to me for basics and I was able to start studying ahead of time. Thanks and good luck on passing Nac 1
  10. savanna0511

    Finals Charity!!!!

    What new teachers? I didn't hear anything about that.
  11. savanna0511

    Finals Charity!!!!

    Congrats on passing. I am actually in the evening division, but I know alot of people in the day division too. Out of 7 people in my clinical group, 4 of us passed. But I know that 5 of my friends in the day division didn't pass either, so thats 8 people that I know of who went into the final and ended up failing b/c they didn't get a high enough score on the final. Hopefully, Nac 1 won't be a lot harder:uhoh21: Did you register for Nac 1 already? I heard some people didn't get spots, but some spots will open up now since some people didn't pass. Good luck
  12. savanna0511

    Finals Charity!!!!

    Did you pass, Paxmaster? I can't believe how many of my friends didn't make enough on the final to pass. Its kind of depressing. I passed, thank the Lord, but feel bad for all those who didn't. And i have 3 more semesters to go. What level are you at? Good luck
  13. savanna0511

    Choosing Charity Clinicals?

    I have touro and I love it. I've also heard good things about Ocshner. Slidell Memorial is ok if you want to drive to Slidell. Good luck
  14. savanna0511

    Interview before Acceptance

    as long as A and P is completed before you start your first nursing course. So if you are starting in the fall, you would have to take it before Aug. A and p 2 has to be completed before you start your 2nd semester of nursing school. Its probably easier if you finish most of your pre reqs before you start nursing school b/c the workload is rather intense just with the nursing classes. Just remember that it usually takes 1 yr after applying to get accepted so you should apply early and take classes while you wait to get in. Good luck.
  15. savanna0511

    Interview before Acceptance

    no, there isn't any interview required.
  16. savanna0511

    Class Schedules @ Delgado

    The only class offered online is Pharm. I like taking it online and seem to do well with online classes. It just depends on you. IF you have taken online classes before you should be ok. good luck

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