1. FYI, the email sent today from OLOLC telling the applicants that our paperwork has been sent to THE committee was sent to 171 emails. Wow

    Good Luck everyone:smilecoffeecup:
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  3. by   serenity_2K2
    I'm so excited to see that they have began the review process. I hope it's not too long before we hear something else. Good Luck to all the applicants.
  4. by   hs2005
    Knowing 171 applicants were notified is a little intimidating. I agree, I hope we don't have to wait too long.
  5. by   ecbnola
    I am waiting on pins and needles! I got the letter today saying that they were reviewing the apps. I was hoping it was something else....
  6. by   serenity_2K2
    Did anyone have the guts to call the school and find out when could we expect to hear something else (i.e. if we are accepted or not)?
  7. by   sxyshan
    I'm probably too gutsy as I have called several times since I submitted my application.....For simple things such as making sure they recieved it and that I wasn't missing anything. The last time I called I actually spoke to the woman that sent us all that applicant email and she said we would hear of a decision either way by late april, early may.... Well there goes my nerves !!!! Good luck to us all though
  8. by   dsoginer
    Shan504 thank you for that information. I was told that our essays would be looked at and from these they would decide who would go to the interview process. :studyowl:
  9. by   dsoginer
    Does anyone have any new information! Any tidbit is better than no news at all
  10. by   ecbnola
    No word yet about anything....still counting down the days until I know SOMETHING. I think it's kinda ridiculous to make us wait until April/May.
  11. by   sxyshan
    I was being over anxious and called to check the status of my application but all she said (in admissions) was that it was currently under commitee review and that they would meet sometime at the end of this month. She still holding us to the late april/early may time frame before we'll know anything.