Ochsner Hospital in New Orleans

  1. Does anyone have any experience working for Ochsner? I am wanting some feedback on their facility.

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  3. by   plinytheRN
    you should repost this in the Louisiana forum, I work in Baton Rouge and don't have any experience at Ochsner, but I have heard good and bad just like any place.
  4. by   Nurselife1
    I am considering moving to New Orleans and have been researching Ochsner Hospitals for potential employment. Can anyone tell me about the facility? Is it a good system to work for?
  5. by   Nurselife1
    Quote from plinytheRN
    you should repost this in the Louisiana forum, I work in Baton Rouge and don't have any experience at Ochsner, but I have heard good and bad just like any place.
    Ok, awesome, I didn't know there was a Louisiana forum, I just posted there. Thank you!
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  7. by   teach_hospiceRN
    <<<<<smiling>>>>wow, fond memories. I interviewed at Oschner when I was in nursing school in 1990. I waited forever for an offer from them and finally I got it! I started there in June of 1990 in their SICU, a 21 bed trauma surgical unit. I had a great nurse internship program but I had a HORRIBLE preceptor. He made me feel so uptight and nervous. I had to work night shifts so I only had once choice I was told for the preceptor. After 3 months I was told I could not come off orientation that I had to move to day shift and continue for a while longer. During those three months with my preceptor I just could not seem to get it. Whenever I was with someone else for other reasons I did just fine. The unit manager knew this and so did the clinical educators, but they could not give me anyone else they said. I elected to leave since I could not afford to move to day shift and went to Touro after that. Oschner itself was a fabulous place and Im sure with the right preceptor I would have been just fine. Good luck to you!!
  8. by   Isabelle49
    I started right out of nursing school at Ochsner in the NICU. We had a very organized, long orientation period (not sure what it's like today, since it was 27 years ago). I think it is a good place to work and lear as well, since they have a Residency program.
  9. by   nursemami4
    I worked at main campus oschner as an lpn on IMTA (internal medicine/ telemetry) in 2010-2011. The learning experience wad great but the pay was low. I worked nights so I made diff and averaged 17 an hour. I then went on to home health and recently graduated excelsior college as an RN. My friends still work at ochsner as RNs and LPNs on IMTA, surgery, and pool. My brother whinis an RN works at tulane since 2010 and loves it. Pay is average 37 an hour night shift RN on transplant unit. If you are a new grad then oschner may be suited for you bc you will experience a lot and have lots of training options available. Good luck
  10. by   nursemami4
    Sorty for typos in previous post. On my cell phone. Meant was not wad and is after brother not whinis lol.
  11. by   Anniehow
    I have just started Peri-op 101 at Ochsner Main Campus a month ago. I can't speak to the orientation on the floor, but I have been so pleased with the orientation to surgery. I LOVE my OR job.
  12. by   TurtleLittle
    Do you guys know if they are still hiring right now? I am from California and if they offer me a job in the ICU, I will go in a heartbeat! I have been working at an out-pt clinic for 9 months and it is really time to go back where my passion truly places!
  13. by   Anniehow
    It's such a big hospital they are always hiring for most specialties. This is a link to their job opening's page
    Careers at Ochsner | Ochsner Health System | New Orleans, LA
    Good Luck
  14. by   Toastedpeanut
    I've been working at Ochsner for a year and here's what I've experienced: one nurse had a stroke while working, another had a seizure... they were only drug tested, no visit to ER which should be standard. The patient to nurse ratio is utterly insane. By working here, you're basically just waiting to have your license revoked. Med errors, multiple call lights going on at the same time, hostile patients wanting their drug meds... and all through the orientation, Ochsner makes it seem like they take care of their employees, when in fact, they do not. There IS no rehab program, if you test positive for something while having a stroke, you are then terminated. There IS no loan pay-back, though they may pay a small percentage of going back to school for your masters. The insurance is wonderful, but it pretty much stops there. I am so tired of seeing nurses crying in the halls, throwing up in the parking lot before work because they hate it so much. Trust me... stay away.