LSUHSC CARE Accelerated BSN program...applicants, graduates?

  1. I'm an applicant to the CARE program through LSUHSC and I was wondering if anyone else here is also an applicant or even graduate? I too, like many of the OLOL applicants have set my LIFE around getting into this program. I choose this program over OLOL because I intend to one day go into advanced practice nursing and it seems more feasible to get my BSN in 18 months as opposed to my ADN in one year through OLOL. I have a BA from Tulane.

    I was told I'd receive word on acceptance later this month or earlier in May. Anyone with similiar experiences?


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  3. by   ecbnola
    I am one of those OLOL applicants with my life on hold. I can sympathize. My good friend who is currently an RN graduated last May from LSU CARE. She loved it and is thrilled with the education she received. She does say that it was ridiculously fast-paced(as you can imagine).
  4. by   TigerSN
    I graduated from LSU in the CARE program last May in the first graduating CARE class. I'm not going to lie. The curriculum and the pace in which you go through it is very intense, but you can do it! Since I was in the first class, things were pretty disorganized and chaotic, but I know things are better now. I feel that I was prepared to start my career as a nurse, and the faculty is fabulousand extremely knowledgeable and helpful. You'll be in lectures sometimes for 8 hours a day and clinicals for 12 hours, but that will prepare you for life as a real nurse. Some days you will question why you're putting yourself through this hell, but by the time graduation comes, you'll be saying "It really wasn't that bad." Good luck, and just keep telling yourself that lots of people have succeeded in this program!!
  5. by   LSUrn2008
    Hi Ray,

    I am currently an LSU CARE student. Honestly, the program is very, very fast paced. I read the post from TigerSN and unfortunately, many aspects of the program are still unorganized. So far my experience has been a whirlwind, however I am maintaing good grades and doing very well. My advice is to never, ever fall behind (Although at times it cannot be helped). Students in this program are extremely competitive and I'm sure you'll group up with others to help each other get along and succeed. We all try really hard to help each other. It is hectic, it is life-consuming, it is stressful but it is do-able. Whether or not I'll feel prepared as a nurse remains to be seen. This time next year I'll have finished the program. Good luck with acceptance!! If you need anything, old tests, notes or advice let me know!!
  6. by   rpbsnrn

    Thanks for the reply. I actually have since been accepted to the program and I start in august. If I need help, I will certainly look you up. My chief concern at the moment is financial issues. I have enough saved to pay tuition and possibly support myself during the term. Any advice? were/are you able to work during the program?

    Thanks again and take it easy,

  7. by   LSUrn2008
    Hi Ray!

    To answer your question, I have not worked since starting the program. However, a few of my classmates are working and have been since we started Care. Our first semester was a traditional semester, taking classes with the traditional program (Anatomy and Phys). I'd say if you're gonna work, work during this time. It's a slower pace and you have a real, full semester for coursework, unless this has changed for you guys. I've just recently accepted a nurse tech position at Children's that only requires you to work 12 hrs/mth. It all depends on your study habits and learning needs. Some ppl need less time to study than others.

    Good luck!
  8. by   Peachy720
    Congrats to everyone who got in for the fall!!

    I've been trying to decide which nursing school to go to for a year now, and am tired of putting things off. Wish I would have decided this in time for the fall semester, but I'll definitely be putting my application in as soon as possible for the CARE program's Spring semester. Anyone else? (Is there a large entering class in the spring? It feels like everyone goes for fall)

    Still conflicted. Such a huge part of me wants to return to the town I was born and raised in (I'm now living two hours away in Lafayette). Another part wonders if I have to move away from my parents and brother, why not see the rest of the country. Two years or one year? Gah. It's all making me crazy! :trout:

    Is the LSU nursing school back to it's original state? Are they still making repairs?

    One other thing. The letter you have to write requesting admission to the CARE program with your application. How formal did you guys make it? How different is it going to be from your goal statement on the application?

    I'd be grateful for ANY words of wisdom/tidbits you guys have on these things or the program.:heartbeat
  9. by   rpbsnrn

    LSUHSC is up and running, but not back to full speed. Some of the buildings are still closed due to repairs and the adminstration is still pretty disorganized.

    I was recently accepted for the Fall. My application letter was fairly formal, giving an outline of what my qualifications academically for the program were. My goal statement basically just gave an overview of why I want to enter nursing and my career goals (which in my case is to become a CRNA). I might have had an advantage getting in though because 1. I'm a guy and I know nursing schools are actively looking to recruit me 2. I graduated from college with a high GPA.

    My advice to you is to meet with the program director, sit down and see where you stand with prereqs, etc. I did that and I'm glad I did because it turned out that from the time I applied to the time I got accepted a few of the course prereq's changed. It also allowed her to put a face to my name on paper which doesn't hurt.

    Overall, CARE seems like the best program in my opinion. You go full-time for 18 months and you get a BSN, which allows you to get it over with in one fell swoop. It seemed the best decision for me rather than being put on a waiting list at Charity for an ADN, or being required to work for a while at Tulane after graduating from OLOL.

    Anyway good luck to you and write me if you have any more questions,

  10. by   Peachy720
    Hey Ray!!

    Thanks so much for all the info! You really did help!!

    CRNA is an ultimate goal of mine too!

    I'll be emailing Monday to try and get a day to meet her.

    I think LSUHSC is the best thing for me. Hopkins is SOO expensive and with Drexel or USA, it'd be nice to be done in a year, but I want to keep my grades up. Even though my friends and family are just about gone after Katrina, my heart still belongs in NOLA.

    Take care and keep me updated on how you like it!
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  11. by   MB37
    I wish I was still in CARE...started the program August 11, 2005, and we all know what happened 2 weeks later. I loved LSUHSC for the short time I got to spend there. How is the school doing? My husband got transferred to FL after the storm, so now I'm in an accelerated program here after wasting another year on their prereqs. As far as getting in though, I didn't even know there was a CARE program when I applied. I went to my interview, and when they found out I had a previous degree (Tulane 2001), they started telling me about the program and encouraged me to send in an additional statement in writing saying that I wanted to try that program. The next day they called my cell phone and told me I was in.
  12. by   rpbsnrn
    Hey there MMW37. If you read my previous post on this thread you'll see the condition of the school. I start in the fall and I'm pretty excited.
  13. by   Peachy720
    Hey guys!

    Went to visit the SON yesterday and met with the head of the C.A.R.E. program.

    Wanted to give you guys a heads up. They're going through a MAJOR revamp of the program. Give it about a week and it will be on the website.

    Also, they are eliminating spring entrance (I'm SO bummed about this because I've waited so long to start nursing school, and I feel the longer I sit out, the more pre-reqs I forget! On the other hand, I can save more money--hopefully!)

    Work's been nuts the last few days. Tomorrow night I'll try and post the new curriculum for you guys.
  14. by   rn1day08
    Hello. This is my first post!
    I am finishing up some pre-reqs and am trying to determine which nursing school would be the best for me. I have a BS degree and am interested in going the accelerated route to BSN. The LSUHSC website indicates that clinicals and lecture could be held on weekends and evenings. Can someone explain the schedule during the program and where the clinicals take place? Also, does anyone have any idea what the GPA cutoff is for the CARE program?