1. Just need to vent!! I feel a tremendous amount of guilt for the way I feel. I prayed soo hard for this job and there are so many ppl looking for a job and wishing they were in my shoes. But I ABSOLUTELY HATE THIS JOB!!!!!! I dread getting out of car to walk in the door. When I get off I immediately start dreading coming back. I'm an RN @ Ochsner. I really LOVE working for Ochsner. Its everything I could ever want in a company. Can't say enough good things about it . However I work on a med/surg floor and we do team nursing . As if med/surg wasn't challenging enough (especially for a new grad) we do not hv any CNAs just an RN & LPN team. We have 8 patients. We're paired together w/ no specific structure & just told to work together. Well that's all good as long as u hv a "good" LPN. But most times u don't! I hv found that most ppl @ my job are very unfriendly (RN & LPNs). Which is a big culture shock to me because I'm such a friendly person. Many of the LPNs are just plain nasty. On 1 of my shifts I had 2 diff patients refused to let her back in their rooms. (which meant I had to do my job & hers . ) My main problem is no structure, we just play it by ear when ur teamed. Now many shifts I've been teamed with a with an attitude. So I end up doing ALL the assessments, ck the mars, pass meds, answer call lights, wash butts, taking admits, doing dc, wheeling pts downstairs & then doing ALL the 24 hr chart cks. (did I mention we hv 8 pts) Oh forgot to mention no unit secretary either) What is the LPN doing u asked, vitals & passing half of the meds the rest of the shift she's no where to be found. Then @ 7 when I'm still doing chart cks she's out the door . Other LPNs go out of their way to belittle me @ every chance they get to show that they know more than me. And when I do make a mistake the high school snickering & whispering right in front of me is heart wrenching. When I do get a lunch I always eat alone. I really love this company but I don't know how much more of this I can take.
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  3. by   Isabelle49
    I worked at Ochsner New Orleans right out of nursing school years ago. Started in NICU, total time there about 6 years. They are big, can you transfer to another floor. Until then, you must delegate work - I know this is hard, but the LPN is working under your license and if the LPN does not want to carry out assignments you give her, then you will have to counsel her and possibly take it higher up. Good luck.
  4. by   Proudblood
    Yikes, sounds like you need to do something! Isabelle is right, you need to delegate and take charge of your "team." What's happening is endemic to the profession: nurses eating their young. These LPNs probably feel uneasy and embarrassed that you're coming in there as an RN with no experience with the RESPONSIBILITY to delegate tasks to them. I would too if I were in their shoes. Some suggestions might be to face it head on. Don't tell them how you feel but instead just say, "hey, you're not pulling you're share of the load." There is no shame in approaching your management to deal with problems like these. Not only is it detrimental to you but to the patients too. And, as a corporation, Oschner would be smart to address the problem as they've spent a bunch of money orienting you. Best of luck! Keep your chin up!
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  5. by   nolamomx2
    Thanks guys!!
  6. by   Isabelle49
    Hope it gets better nolamomx2.
  7. by   katelg03
    Maybe talk to HR and see about joining a committee at your hospital, like a safety committee. That would be a good way to sort of network and meet other people at your hospital, AND have the chance to help make some changes.
  8. by   metabolicfrolic
    Hey there, it's no wonder you're frustrated with the team nursing approach. I don't blame you one bit for feeling the way you do; for it to work, the group must function as a team! Do you have a good relationship with the unit manager?
  9. by   Isabelle49
    In all honesty, I don't think Ochsner would put up with what has been described. You do need to speak to nursing administration about this matter if your immediate supervisor can't intervene.
  10. by   su9032
    Oh Nolamom,
    I just saw this post. I'm sorry you have had such a hard time. I cannot imagine having 8 patients especially when so many of them are total care. I remeber when I had clinicals on that unit, I can only imagine what you are dealing with. "O" is a great company, but you just need to be on a different unit. Have you put in a request to transfer?
  11. by   nolamomx2
    Hey Su!!! Yea its pretty bad . But as time goes on I realize its not my coworkers its med/surg. I have had a few really bad nights with coworkers as my first post says. But over time I've gotten those problems under control. Med/surg on the other hand is something I will NEVER get used to nor do I want to. I absolutely hate it. It is just to much work. I could write a book about all the things I hate about med/surg. Basically as the RN I have 4 main tasks that I'm trying to complete: cking the mars, med pass/assessments, charting assessments, 24hr chart cks. Well imagine that EVERY time you sit down and open a chart a patient is calling or someone needs you. At first its not so bad. But then when u realize 10hrs has gone by & you have not had time to chart ANYTHING and you still have to do 24 hr chart cks, draw labs on all your picc lines, 6am med pass (of course they all have a IVP), and then here comes the charge nurse wanting report on all your patients (that is the thing that REALLY just gets under my skin) and lets not forget the call bells continue. Its just to much and life is to short. I have to wait until I make 6 months to transfer and I'm counting down the days. If I had to do it all over again I would. The things that I've learned are priceless and I feel like I'm really evolving into a nurse. But 6 months is enough for me.
  12. by   su9032
    I'm glad that things are improving with the coworkers at least, but it sounds like you are learning a lot. I bet you are learning all your body systems and getting a good review of everything we learned in school. I'm afraid of all those things that you mentioned. As it is, time management isn't my strong point. I'm going to start applying this week. If can get a job and bypass med-surg and just work where I'm a tech, I'm gonna take that. It won't be nearly as diverse as med-surg or tele, but it would still be good experience. However, I still have 4 weeks left with school, and this last semester has been brutal. With all these busywork assignments and all the different instructors, its like a big guessing game trying to prepare for the tests. I'm counting down the days and crossing my fingers that I will get out and not blow the next test or the final.
  13. by   gcupid
    all the time management in the world can not help a saturated, near impossible workload assignment.
  14. by   SoutheRNgirl82
    Did you ever get away from med/surg? I did clinicals on a med/surg floor there when they had team nursing & that floor was a beast! Hope all is better for you😊