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    Hey Su!!! Yea its pretty bad . But as time goes on I realize its not my coworkers its med/surg. I have had a few really bad nights with coworkers as my first post says. But over time I've gotten those problems under control. Med/surg on the other hand is something I will NEVER get used to nor do I want to. I absolutely hate it. It is just to much work. I could write a book about all the things I hate about med/surg. Basically as the RN I have 4 main tasks that I'm trying to complete: cking the mars, med pass/assessments, charting assessments, 24hr chart cks. Well imagine that EVERY time you sit down and open a chart a patient is calling or someone needs you. At first its not so bad. But then when u realize 10hrs has gone by & you have not had time to chart ANYTHING and you still have to do 24 hr chart cks, draw labs on all your picc lines, 6am med pass (of course they all have a IVP), and then here comes the charge nurse wanting report on all your patients (that is the thing that REALLY just gets under my skin) and lets not forget the call bells continue. Its just to much and life is to short. I have to wait until I make 6 months to transfer and I'm counting down the days. If I had to do it all over again I would. The things that I've learned are priceless and I feel like I'm really evolving into a nurse. But 6 months is enough for me.
  2. nolamomx2

    Finally Got A Job

    Hey Su!! Just roll with the BS. If they dont email u today then I would def call tommr (and all day tommr until I speak with someone). Not sure whats going on. I received all the info when she called me with an offer. Then she emailed me with the same info as soon as we hung up. As for those damn surveys they mk u do them for each position u apply for . Now that Im thinking about it, u should call her today. She's had enough time to read ur email and u need time to get all the things she ask for.
  3. nolamomx2

    Finally Got A Job

    Hey Su!! No the only things I had to do for the health screening is what I wrote in my post to Bee. I did hv to fill out some papers that asked about my health history but that was for workmans comp. The background ck only asked for my employment history and references. However after I finished with my health screening then I had to go and meet with the nursing recruiter. I had to give her all of my "proofs" (license, cpr, id, etc). Keep cking ur email Im sure they will give u a list of things to bring.
  4. nolamomx2

    Finally Got A Job

    Hey Bee!! No I was never asked to demonstrate anything. The bloodwork is for: Rubeola, Rubella, Mumps, Varicella, and Hep B titers. The urine is for drugs and yes u hv to take 2 TB tests. The 1st must be read before u begin orientation and the 2nd is 2wks later. Let me know if u need anything else .
  5. nolamomx2

    Finally Got A Job

    Wow good for u!! I was going around introducing myself also but it never helped me. However I never thought about recommendations. Kudos to u About the physical.....I did mine today. It was just giving blood and urine oh and TB testing. Keep me posted on ur new position and I will certainly do the same!
  6. nolamomx2

    Finally Got A Job

    AHHHHH SU!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!! I am soooo happy for u!! What did u end up wearing? U hv accomplished something that I couldn't! Ur going to learn SOOOO much My friend teched for a summer & it really helped in school! and remember what I said about ur chances of getting hired after graduation So remember to NEVER let ur guard down because they will be watching u all the time :sofahider GO SU! GO SU! GO SU! GO SU! :dncgbby:
  7. nolamomx2

    Finally Got A Job

    GOOD LUCK Not to put any added pressure on u, but if u get it ur chances of them hiring u after graduation will go up a zillion times! The 1st ? she asked me was y did i choose to become a nurse. I got praises all throughout the interview . She said she really admired my honesty. So just remember to be yourself. Think of it as just having a conversation (not trying to memorize answers). Just have a general idea of how ur going to answer certain ?s. Dont be afraid to admit that u have weaknesses (everyone has them). They just wanna know that ur aware of them & what r u doing to correct them. I said skills b/c I dont hv any skills, but im very eager to learn ALL the skills that I can. Also Charity taught me how to dress for an interview in NAC II. I know it sounds crazy (I was like who the hell doesnt know how to dress for an interview) Well turns out that ur supposed to wear a SUIT. Im sooo glad Charity put us thru that exercise. I chose to wear a black pants suit (kind of snug on the hips with a lil flare @ the bottom), white cami, white pearls with bracelet & earrings and i wore my glasses instead of my contacts. I could tell from her reaction that she was extremely impressed (and all I said was hello). Once again thats my Let me know how it went!!!!
  8. nolamomx2

    LA RN licensing

    U hv to pay ur $200 online then they will sent u a registration # (which u will need in order to chose a test date). I hv no idea why my school did not tell us that. I thought LSBN was going to contact me when they received my info.
  9. nolamomx2

    Finally Got A Job

    Thanks su!!! I got on at Ochsner. They just called me out of the clear blue :bdyhdclp:
  10. nolamomx2

    Finally Got A Job

    5 months after graduation and finally I have job!!!!!! :oornt: :dncgcpd: :rckn: :yelclap: :kiss :bowingpur
  11. nolamomx2

    ECG certification

    Does anyone know where to get an ECG & NRP certification in new orleans?
  12. nolamomx2

    I passed nac ii!!!!!!! Woooohoooo!!!!!

    Beejaycee I sent u a private message. did u get it?
  13. nolamomx2

    I passed Nac I

    SU9032..... Yes I just found out today that I passed Nac II :grad: . My brain is soooo sexy b/c it definitely went thru the bootcamp from hell for 2 yrs. How r u doing in Nac I?
  14. THANK YOU LORD JESUS!!! I PASSED :grad: !!! Finishing from Charity has been the HARDEST thing I've ever accomplished!! NAC II was definitely a BEAST :hlk: . :dancgrp: :dncgbby: :hpygrp: :clpty: :hhmth: *wine
  15. nolamomx2

    Charity School of Nursing- Starting Fall 2010!!

    Nikki are you seriously going to drive 4 hrs coming & another 4 hrs going back each day? I'm NOT trying to discourage you but dang! Do you realize that the 1st week of school is jammed packed and you go everyday. You must hit the ground running. And what are you going to do when clinicals start? Some clinicals begin as early as 6:45am :zzzzz . And then you have to do patient assignment pick up the day before, then go home & look up all those meds, & then be there the next morning . I'm just curious as to why didn't you go to a closer school. Nursing school is hard enough I couldn't imagine adding an 8 hour drive everyday . Seriously I wish you well & hope you make it through :heartbeat
  16. nolamomx2

    Charity financial aid

    Did you file your appeal at Delgado or Charity? You have a much better chance filing at Charity. I never do anything at Delgado anymore. You really need to go and talk to Ms. Parker in financial aid at Charity ASAP because the deadline for appeals is coming up in a few days.