Charity SON Fall 2013

  1. Anyone on the northshore applying? Would love to find a group to study/carpool with after we get in!
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  3. by   Naeema_rnhopeful
    Quote from cloewe4950
    Anyone on the northshore applying? Would love to find a group to study/carpool with after we get in!
    I don't live on the northshore..but I turned in my application on Monday and I am so nervous I don't understand why they have us waiting all the way until April to find out. I heard that the profile cut off for Spring 2013 was 65. They won't know how many they are accepting until April..I pray I get in.
  4. by   cloewe4950
    I know.,...I hate the wait. If the application deadline is in Jan there is no reason to wait that long. I think cut off depends on who and how many apply. What was your profile schore?
  5. by   Chin05
    My profile score for Spring 2013 was a 84 and I didn't get in. I did roll my application over for Fall 2013
  6. by   Naeema_rnhopeful
    My profile score is between a 65 or 70. I hope that is enough to get in. The lady in admissions told me that the cut off for Spring 2013 was 65 so I hope its around that for the fall.
  7. by   Daya922
    Hi, the last day to turn in applications is on Friday the 25th right? I plan on turning mine in tomorrow.
  8. by   Chin05
    Good luck to everyone!
  9. by   Naeema_rnhopeful
    Yes Friday is the last day! What is your profile score? Is this your first time applying?
  10. by   Shawnney
    Hi everyone. My name is Shawnney. I was accepted to Charity for the Spring 2013 semester, but had to defer because my house flooded in LaPlace during Hurricane Issac. I'm glad someone started this post.
  11. by   cloewe4950
    Wow 84 is a high profile score not to get in! I have also heard the score is usually around 65. If I calculated my profile score right I should have an 85. Yes Friday is the last day to turn them in.
  12. by   cloewe4950
    I think facebook would be a much better way for all of us to keep in touch. Here is a group:

    Charity SON fall 2013

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  13. by   Naeema_rnhopeful
    Wow, with a 85 profile score you should no problem getting in . Is Charity your first choice?
  14. by   Naeema_rnhopeful
    Welcome to the group Shawney ! I am sorry to hear about you home flooding. I hope to join you this fall..God willing.