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I applied for charity for fall 2006. Since the hurricane I know everything is messed up, but I hope I can still have a chance at getting in for this coming fall. I called charity today and they... Read More

    What is the criteria that Galvin/ or the board is going to use?

    I think that edgers email address is
    you can also email at and ask that your email be forwarded to the correct person.

    I am confused by the response about the reviews. I thought I read that the letters were to go out on the 23rd. According to your response from Galvin-they won't review files until the 23rd which means that letters will go out who know when? There is only 9 days left til the 23rd, and if they reviewed these files already- then it would seem logical that they would be able to give students a straight response... maybe they are just waiting to see what the body count of student REALLY is this semester before they proceed.... all of this hurricane stuff is understandable-but I think we are all just tired of the constant run around and "chasing our tail". I wish somebody could communicate accurate info from this organization.
    It is all so frustrating... the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing...and again, you can ask 10 different people and get 10 different answers. (venting)

    I do not know who Ms Riche is or what her title is. I have yet to get a response from her.
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    As far as I was told, Fall 2006 applicants are being reviewed on the 23rd, and letters will be sent out shortly after. Like awalker said to go check your results on the 24th, which is what I plan on doing. Thats about all I know now. Ill let you know if I find out anymore.
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    My heart goes out to all the New Orleans Folks
    Good Luck to you all. Hope you get accepted into a program of your choice.
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    [quote=FutureNurse35]My heart goes out to all the New Orleans Folks
    Good Luck to you all. Hope you get accepted into a program of your choice.[/quote Thanks from all of us down in the BIG(New Orleans) EASY.
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    Anyone heard anything new?? I emailed Ms. Egers today with my questions about admissions and she said she forwarded it to ms. Riche. So I am just waiting to hear from her.
    Heard news today.

    I had an email telling me to call to check on the status of my application. I spoke with Ms Galvin. (she is so nice) She said that they are reviewing the files before committee starting this week...

    Letters are going out to those who were pushed a semester behind because of the hurricane. Those students should be getting their letters this week. This is for the April class.

    They are reviewing for the FAll class now. And IF there are spaces available for the April class, their is a possibility that one may be offered early admittance for the April class. The April classes are accelerated classes (in an effort to keep students on a timely track since the hurricane).

    After the committee is through, letters will be sent out immediately which could start on the 23rd and pending the mail situation (who knows).

    As for Ms Riche, I never did hear from her.

    Today I went to class at City Park. By the looks of things, there is a massive shortage of students. I would guess that only 40% are back. There were only 14 people in my class. If you look at the course selections, there are numerous classes that have been canceled. BY this observance, I think it may be easier to get in by sure lack of attendance if anything else.

    Has anyone else heard anything as of yet?
    Good Luck
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    I called charity today and they told me my application was in the process of being reviewed and that I would hear something by the end of the month. I hope i hear something by then, but who knows with the way the mail is in the city still!!
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    Who sent u an email telling you to check the status of your application??
    Quote from Cmunst45636
    Who sent u an email telling you to check the status of your application??
    the secretary who answers the generic email.
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    Do you know when we should call to see our results from the review??
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    Sorry, no I don't. She just told me that they would be sending the letters out in the mail starting on the 23rd. So I guess this means that they should be finished on Friday with the review... and then however long it takes the mail to get to us.... I never asked her about calling back.. I guess they would be really swamped if everyone called so I don't know how they handle this?

    Are you finished will all of your classes?
  12. by   Cmunst45636
    I just need micro and 2 electives. I am taking that this semester.
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    Anyone got an acceptence letter yet?