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I applied for charity for fall 2006. Since the hurricane I know everything is messed up, but I hope I can still have a chance at getting in for this coming fall. I called charity today and they... Read More

  1. by   bbygrl02
    Has anyone gotten more information on the evening schedules for Charity-Fall 06? The days are passing so fast, I still have to work out a schedule with my employer.
  2. by   mrssmart
    nope i still have not heard anything. i ve been calling each day to find out but all i get is a voice mail. it would be nice to know so u can what to for as work.
  3. by   Cmunst45636
    Has anyone got info on the T-notes???
    Nothing here.... If I hear anything further, I will post.
  5. by   justblink
    I have the T-notes. I can send them via email as Word document attachments. E-mail me if you want them!

    CASN (Charity Assoc of Student Nurses) also sells them burned to a disc for (i think!) $5. or maybe it's $1.

    I just finished Basics with a 90/B and am headed to NAC I next semester.

    Here's the advice I can give:

    -bandage scissors: never used them! don't waste your $5. The dressings you change in Basics are attached via silk or paper tape, and you simply support the surrounding skin as you pull them off with your hand. Easy.

    -Stethoscope: it's arguable but I'd suggest you invest in a Littmann. I think mine was $70 from It makes auscultating breath sounds easy. Just be careful, they're good quality and tend to walk if you don't keep an eye on them.

    Ms. Jordan will be teaching Pharm next semester and she's wonderful. Very, very fair and has an out-of-this-world nice personality. I learned a LOT. and it wasn't nearly as hard as people said.

    Just study the nursing considerations for each CLASS of drug on that particular test...don't waste your time memorizing names of drugs! (i.e., know what to look out for if administering a benzodiazepine drug [watch the vital signs]; don't necessarily know that the benzodiazepines in her lecture are Ativan, Valium, etc). Also, you don't need to know the generic and brand names.

    A question might look like this:
    A nurse is administering Lorazepam (Ativan), a Benzodiazepine. An important nursing consideration is:
    A) monitor I&O
    B) vitals q4h
    C) fluid intake >1500cc/day

    I just made that up but you'd want B. You'd remember that from the "Nursing Considerations - Benzodiazepines" section of your notes. She will give you the generic name, the brand name, and the class of drug. You just need to know what to do with it.


    if you have time, studying material from the text couldn't hurt.
    but realistically, you'll probably procrastinate to the point that it's not an option.

    MOST (if not all) of the material on tests comes from the course guide. it's on a CD as a ~600-page .pdf file that you get @ orientation. you will need to go to office depot and pay about $20 to have them print it up for you. Make sure you get them to print it double-sided! it's a LOT easier to carry around 300 pages than 600 single-side printed ones! I learned that the hard way!


    I opened my $140 text maybe twice this past semester, and I did very well. Ditto with the Pharmacology tests. If you know the COURSE GUIDE info, you will do great. the text is lagniappe to me.

    if you have any other questions I can try to answer, feel free to email me.

    good luck! i have 3 friends starting in august as well.
  6. by   justblink
    OH -- not all the T-Notes are totally accurate word-for-word. My coworker graduated with Teresa (the namesake) in ~1998. she basically recorded lectures and went home to re-type what she heard. So, the instructor lecturing on Fluids & Electrolytes in '98 might not necessarily be the same one you get and it might be harder to follow, but most of the content is the same.

    if nothing else, it'll be a good 2nd or 3rd studying source.

    I do know that the Immobility/Elimination stuff from Ms. Manieri is totally word for word. Same thing goes for Ms. Sunseri's fun legal stuff (how-to-not-get-sued, what to write on an incident report, etc.). Both of them are really great teachers and are hilarious!

    I don't think the t-notes hold as much value anymore because Charity just started recording all (well, most) of the lectures on this program called Tegrity that you access via BlackBoard. So, you can be at home @2am re-listening to the lecture you heard earlier in the day or earlier in the semester. it's pretty cool.
    Thank you so much for your response and advice. It is much appreciated!
  8. by   mrssmart
    thank for the advice. i will appreciate if u email me the notes when u get a chance. i will begin in august in the evening. i have mixed feeling about the program u just hear so much different stuff about it is hard. i am going to go in there with open mind and be prepared to study and do what ever it takes to past because i have came to far to failed now.

    thanks again about the info and sending the information
  9. by   mrssmart
    there is update information on delgado website about when school starts and what is the schedule for evening students. then click students
  10. by   mariewest
    hi everyone, I am new to this site, but it has been very helpful reading all the posts. I am starting fall 06, in the day division (section314). I am soo excited to get started, feel free to pm me with any useful information that you think you might have.
  11. by   dsoginer
    thanks so much for all the wonderful information.
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  12. by   marieceleste33
    Quote from bbygrl02
    Hi everyone, I will be attending charity in august 06 for the evening division. Is anyone else going in the evening? Does anyone know what the student to student on August 2, is about? Is it mandatory? I am still trying to figure out how I am going to be to work and go to school.:uhoh21:
    hi. I am going to the evening division also. I didn't make it to the student to student did you? It wasn't mandatory. Please send me a private message (PM) or use my email in profile, if you want to form a study group with me.


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  13. by   marieceleste33
    i chose touro for clinicals and I am going to the evening division. We need to try to arrange a study group. Orientation is tomorrow. anxious

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