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I made my decision to go into nursing. It took a 4 day stay to Childrens Hospital last year with my 5 week old daughter. What I saw there in what seemed like a year changed my life. I have never... Read More

  1. by   portuguesa
    Don't let anyone deter you from your dreams. Like mentioned by another before, when someone tells me I cannot do something, I want to do it even more. Follow your heart and your intuition and continue with your prereqs. Nursing is not for everyone and I would highly recommend trying to shadow a nurse for a day or even trying to get a position as a nurses aid. You get actual hands on experience and see more of what a nurse actually does and is capable of doing. Good luck in making your dreams come true!!!
  2. by   is5512
    Hopeful, your Mom has done you a tremendous favor. Please do everything you can to express your gratitude to her for her words....
    ....after you get to Heaven. But in this life, I'd strongly suggest you never say another damned word to her. Even if that's extreme, for Sure don't give her access to your head or heart any more.

    You have a dream, and that's wonderful. But you are going to have instructors and counselors who talk with an echo because they have their heads stuck up their..well, you get the idea. You are going to meet fellow students who just annoy the heck out of you. You will find a million and one reasons to quit. And then if you read some of the venting and ranting that goes on here, you'll feel even worse about your decision.

    If Nursing is the easiest thing you can think of to do, you need to think some more. If you are capable of being talked out of your dream by other people, you need a bigger dream.

    Look, I'm no expert. I'm just a freshman trying to plow my way through my pre-req's when I'd rather be on a cruise ship somewhere getting gloriously hammered. But I know you'll eventually find my mean wrinkled old carcass at the Finish Line where they pin this little gold cross with "RN" on me. Hope I see you there, too.
  3. by   johnst10
    Quote from robinrene1212
    Nothing motivates me more than someone telling me I can't do something. I was trying to decide my next career. I was an Archaeologist and then after my kids were older I was a substitute teacher for 3 years and hated it. On a whim I said to my husband "Maybe I will be a nurse" and he was online getting all the infor for me. I thought "Why not?" Well people came out of the woodwork to tell me how hard it is, how competative it is etc etc etc. It really annoyed me like they were saying "You are not smart enough to do that" so that fueled my fire. The thought of having to take Algebra was enough to scare me off............took that first got an A and carried on. Finished all my prereq's with A or A- and am currently in the nursing program. If I can do it you can do it!! Good luck!
    My HS guidance counselor told me I wasn't smart enough to be a nurse. Same reaction! Watch me. It wasn't easy but i did it. you can too!
  4. by   qaqueen
    Nursing is as much a calling as it is a vocation.

    I too started college at 17. I was going to be a nurse. Life got in the way and I worked my way up in manufacturing to a very good paying job that I eventually hated.

    Three years ago I gave up the money to pursue a nursing career. I graduate tomorrow. Over the last three years I have worked in the hospital as a CNA for not much money and quite frankly, I have had some of the best days of my life. I am so looking forward to obtaining my license so that I can do even more for my patients.

    If you feel it, go for it.

    Love and Light,

  5. by   is5512
    Quote from johnst10
    My HS guidance counselor told me I wasn't smart enough to be a nurse. Same reaction! Watch me. It wasn't easy but i did it. you can too!
    Hmmmm. Does that mean if you're not smart enough to remember to say, "Would you like fries with that?" then they send you to HS guidance counselor school?
  6. by   Hopefull nurse
    Thank you so much for your support. I have two daughters, who are 3 1/2 and 10 months. I have a business degree that I completely hate. I have been thinking for a good while that I needed a career change but didn't know what to change to. Suddenly, I found myself at childrens hospital and it suddenly hit me. i remember the first thing I said to my fiance was, "I can see myself doing this"
    I am trying to forget what my mom said but its hard as your mom is the one person who is supposed to be there...unconditionally. I am not going to deny I am scared to death of nursing school. I have to say getting accepted scares me more than actually having to study. If I were to get rejected, I would be so upset. I was hopeful that my cousin was going to go on this adventure with me but she is no longer able. It would have been nice to have someone to study with while I take my pre requisites. I have 4 biology courses to take. Biology 141/143 lab, A&P I & II, biology 211. Any advice on those would be appreciated!
  7. by   leshi
    My pediatric clinical instructor told me I should reconsider - which is fairly understandable because I DID NOT enjoy pediatric at all and it probably showed. I don't have the personality to be a pediatric nurse (I'm fairly reserved, straight-forward, and not overtly perky), but that doesn't mean I'm totally unfit for nursing obviously because in med-surg, an area I enjoyed, my instructor told me I had a promising future.

    If you enjoy it, then nobody can say you shouldn't do it or you're not cut out for it. You will find your niche - not everyone can do everything, but when you find what you're meant for, you will understand it and do well.
  8. by   is5512
    Quote from RN hopefull
    I have to say getting accepted scares me more than actually having to study. If I were to get rejected, I would be so upset.
    One hot summer day, a little girl was selling lemonade, and a kindly stranger walked up and inquired as to the price. "Ten Thousand dollars," she proudly replied.
    "Ten Grand??? With prices like that, you're not going to get many customers."
    "With prices like that, I won't Need many customers."

    With all due respect, Ma'am: doesn't matter how many times you get rejected. All you gotta do is get one "yes."
  9. by   itsamyshouse
    I come from a family of nurses, but have been a hairstylist for almost 20 years. I am getting ready for my final semester of nursing school this fall! Don't let other people be the judge of what you are capable of. Besides, there are SO many different things you can do as a nurse that if you don't like one area, you can try another. I don't have this incredible passion to be a nurse, but it oddly comes very naturally to me. I started out just doing it because I needed to make a better living. If you have the drive to do it, GO FOR IT GIRL!
  10. by   sissyg
    I practically lived at Children's and Ochsner during my teen years with my little sister. I didn't get to Nursing School till after I had 4 kids - the youngest was 2 - but if you spent time at a hospital with a sick child and didn't come away with "I don't know how they do it", but came away inspired to join the ranks, that might be your first indication that nursing is for you. Sure, school is hard, and things worth having usually are. It takes alot of time from your family, and you'll work it out. I worked with many nurses who made two, three or more tries before getting in, but many who got in on the first try.
    I'd stop getting other opinions for now - just do it. BTW, I was the first nurse in my family, then my husband, then my son, now my daughter is in RN school. It must have been a good choice.
  11. by   DMHG1812
    Just to let you know, I have had similar experience, not from my mom but my mother in law, who is a nurse. My mother is a NICU RN. I have a brother who is a RN and a firefighter. My mother in law also said it is hard work and you have to remain on your feet alot. Think at times, they say these things, because they really feel in their heart it may not be in your best interest, but it's up to you. Hun.. I am 34, have no prior medical experience, been working in accounting for 12 years with same company, and started pre-reqs in 2006-( I must say, I had a bit of procrastination due to fear of failure!), I will be finishing up this July -summer 2, with micro, 4.0 GPA all the way, going forward and on my way to admissions for someone's Spring 2010 ADN program! I say, go with your heart! I know nursing is my destiny! I love hospitals, and the idea of helping others! As other bloggers here stated, you have already shown motivation, that's all you need to keep going. Let us know how things progress with you! Good luck! Many blessings towards your chosen career.
  12. by   kreaglin100
    In addition to all the other supportive emails, I think you should tell your mom that nursing has so many different specialties, including options at businesses and governments, that most people will find an area that works for them. Nursing is now an industry almost all by itself. That is if you think she'll listen. My mom is like that too and I have over the years just grown to accept that while she says horrible things, my mom does good things and I try to focus on that (while limiting my exposure on days I am just not up for that kind of negative crap). Best of luck and congratulations on trying anything new given that sort of nonsupportive mom. You have already proven you are tough by that alone!
  13. by   gottagetthere
    You can do it! If this is something you've been thinking about for a while, then go for it! Don't let anyone's words discourage you from going back to school. But if you're even a bit doubtful about nursing, talk to some actual nurses if you can, get more exposure to them, hear all the good and bad, volunteer at a hospital (that's what I'm doing, and its keeping me excited about nursing). Be proactive about learning more about the many aspects of nursing. Then dig deep and ask yourself whether or not you can commit to making it happen. Take a realistic view on life and see if you can be supported properly financially and emotionally throughout this journey.:thnkg:

    I too have a business degree which got me nowhere (but keep it handy because you may use it later!), and now I'm pursuing what I've found I'm more passionate about: life, learning, taking care of people, and science. I'm now done with prereq's and am about to apply for some schools this coming fall (one step closer!). If you're hesitant about whether or not you'll get through schooling, just remember why you're in this situation in the first place. Your drive to become a nurse will help you overcome those obstacles. Sure, all those biology courses may be challenging, but find study buddies, talk to your teachers, use all the resources out there to LEARN, find tutors to help if you're struggling. I was never into academics, always got poor grades in high school and college, and now that I'm studying to become a nurse, I'm suddenly getting straight A's! You may surprise yourself when you learn about things you actually want to know about!

    I may seem absolutely sure that nursing is where I want to go in the end, but in reality, I don't really know how I'll be as a nurse, or even if I'm going to love what I'm doing. I bet I won't know until I'm in nursing school, doing clinicals, or even working my first nursing job out of school. All I know is that I've got to keep trying to get there so I can figure out what works for me and what doesn't, and so that I can find my "specialty," my niche and be the best nurse I can be. Are you "nurse material"? I don't think you'll know that either unless you try! Again, if you're support system is strong (aside from your mom, I suppose), and you can realistically dedicate yourself to becoming a nurse despite whatever negative things you may encounter (blood, guts and gory included), then totally do it!

    Good luck with whatever you decide!

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