Lots of nsg school questions!


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I am going to Massasoit, taking my pre-reqs right now. Do my pre-reqs all have to be done before applying for the nsg program?

If not, then What are the pre-reqs you suggest I get done 1st? I am taking eng comp 1 and biological principles in the fall.

Should I make an appt with a advisor at all?

How should I prepare beforehand? Someone told me I should do med index cards and study them. Which meds do I cover in those?

Thanks for your time and answers!:confused:

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First off: Deeeep Breaaaaths!!! :)

I can''t speak for Massasoit, but Cape Cod Comm. College liked applicants to have most of their pre-reqs (not all) before applying. I didn't have Pharm Calculations, and I still got accepted. Applying doesn't hurt (unless the app fee is huge!) and if the advisors are as helpful as the CCCC's ones, then def. set up an appt!! Some nsg professors may be willling to help you out too. My program faculty was EXTREMELY supportive.

Someone mentioned in another thread that the best thing you can do is work on math (dimentional analysis will help alot!) Good luck with everything!!:)


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Does Massasoit have a waiting list for nursing? If it does, you may need to apply and get on the waiting list. You can do your pre-req's while waiting.


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Girl...get On The Waiting List....brockton School Of Nursing Had A 2 Year Wait....better To Get Your Name On The List Then To Do Al Of Your Prereqs And Have To Wait Cuz You Didnt Sign Up. Its A Very Long Long Process! I Actually Changed My Game Plan Because It Was So Long And Its Not A Def. 2 Years, Could Be Longer.....good Luck Though!


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get your a & p's done asap! micro, too if you can swing it. massasoit does not have a waiting list, i had everything done and i was accepted the first try but there are a few people in my class that are still taking other courses. believe me, you won't want to be juggling any other classes once you start. take classes over the summer if you can. every course makes an appearance in nursing (psychology, a & p, micro) so keep that in mind. the program is great! challenging, but it needs to be-we're being trusted with other people's care! definitely study and take the sample tests with a timer for the net. 30 math questions in 30 minutes and 33 english comprehension in 30 minutes plus a 2 minute timed read. it's not enough to just answer the practice questions, set the timer so you can gauge your speed-you may need to work on it. get a digital recorder for your classes (esp sciences/nursing program, mine has helped me keep a 4.0 avg! i'm amazed at what i missed in class when i hear the lecture a second time.


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I had a question about massasoit's day program. I am applying in February with a 3.7 GPA from my first Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Elementary Education, so I have all the liberal arts and currently taking A & P 1 and earning an A in both lecture and lab. So I plan to take Anne McNeil's Humand Growth hybrid course next semester along with A & P II (even though the application review board won't see my grades before the acceptance date) and I will plan to take Micro in the summer. Do I have a good chance of getting accepted?

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