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i am trying to get lpn certified. i was told i can take the prerequisites online then take a advanced flabodomy class. if i felt ready i could take the test, if i passed get certified. i am having trouble finding where to begin. i have looked online for places that offer the prerequistes online and they told me i have to know what they before i can take them. someone please help me! i am going in circles here. i live in washington, so if someone out there knows the prerequisite let me know. i would really appreciate it a lot. thanks.:confused:

The word you used doesn't make sense. I believe you meant phlebotomy. You need to go to the website of your state's nursing board to get the requirements for licensure. Most require graduation from an accredited program. There are exceptions, but you have to find out those requirements from the board. Otherwise, you will probably find it easier to contact local practical nursing programs near your home and find out what they require. Basically, practical nursing can't be done online. Any nursing school requires a certain number of clinical hours. You might be able to take some classes online but the nursing courses must be done in a school. You really need to contact a school near you and find out what you need to do. Good luck.

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I'm not certain from your post if you are already an LPN wishing to obtain phlebotomy certification ... or if you are looking to pursue LPN education.

Here's a link to a page within the Washington State Nursing Commission which links to a listing of all approved nursing programs within the state. Hope this helps.


knowledge can be obtained online

nursing requires skills which need to be done in a classroom and clinical setting

check with the link above and find what is available


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I think you're confused with LPN and phlebotomists.

From the way I read your post, you seemed to think you take pre-reqs and then a phlebotomy class and then you'll be an LPN. Wrong.

If you take the pre-reqs and the phlebotomy class then you'll just be a phlebotomist.

If you're looking to become an LPN, you'll need to go to a community college or 4-year college and complete their nursing program and THEN sit for your states nursing boards (NCLEX). If you pass that exam, then you can be considered an LPN

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