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Lost an A in an instant. I Feel devastated.

by LibaSkelova LibaSkelova (New) New

Hello, I feel like I'm overreacting, and I am. I keep telling myself it's going to be ok, but I just feel defeated after today's final.

I'm in 1st level nursing. So, I took my final today, and just bombed it. I had an A throughout the semester, but just lost it after getting an 80% on the final. When I got to nursing school, I told myself to get ready for this to happen and should be happy with a B, but I was so close! I've always been a slow learner, and was even shocked that I got into a bachelors program. I feel stupid most of the time when we're having a group study, but surprisingly, I was one of the two people who had an A in our group. Don't know how that happened. After today, I felt like all my hard work from this semester went down the drain. People in my group got a way higher grade than me in the final, and I'm back to feeling stupid again. I can't sleep, can't focus on my stuff. My sister told me I'm overreacting(in a nice way), and I am. Why am I feeling this way?! Can you guys give me advice on how to deal with this unnecessary stress. Thanks!

WanderingWilder, ASN

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I'm holding on to an A- in my class and I'm worried about our final. I can get as low as an 84 and still have the A- and I have hope because I've only gotten one test grade below that score, but I'm worried that I'll forget things from the beginning and blow it. So I may be in the same spot as you next week. Your final must have been a big part of your grade to drop from an A to a B. I'm sorry you lost your A, but a B is still a great grade and I'm sure there are classmates that won't have even the minimum grade and won't be moving on to the next semester. So congrats on passing, try not focus on the grade (I know its hard) and celebrate that you are one semester closer to graduation.

pmabraham, BSN, RN

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Welcome to the "C's get degree's club." Everyone in our upcoming (December 13, 2016 - thank you Jesus) graduating class lost their 4.0 the 1st semester of RN school.

My suggestion is focus on the prize which includes being able to be confident in performing your clinical skills safely, effectively, and confidently over time, the building up of your "novice" clinical thinking and judgement skills over time, graduating so you can take your boards, and then passing your boards.

I'm so sorry that happened. It's crappy. :sour: I'm a perfectionist when it comes to school and work, so I would be upset too.

You are overreacting, there are going to be much harder things to deal with in life and your career than not getting an "A" in a certain class. You are going to need to increase your mental toughness a great deal if you want to succeed and not crumble in the face of the slightest amount of adversity. Use this as a learning opportunity and focus on the fact you know the content well, not just what was reflected on your last test.


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It's ok, I understand. I'm an overreactor too...I got a 98% on my last 2 exams and managed to beat myself up over the one question I got wrong on each test. Mentally, I know I'm doing great, but I'm not meeting my own goal (just one 100% in a clinical course!), so I get sad and feel like I'm ruining it. But then time will pass and you'll keep working and you'll feel better again. I say the anxiety is going to keep you sharp and working hard. I got an 86 on an exam my first term and you better believe that never happened again once I freaked out and overreacted!