losing a special resident....


I have been at a LTC facility for almost 6 years and one resident I have known all these 6 years is dying. Last night I held her hand, stroked her cheek as she kept repeating "I just want to go home" and telling her it was ok to go when she was ready.

This lady was a RN in her younger years and has told me stories of sharpening and sterilizing needles to be reused. Her tenacity has kept her here on earth for 86 years and I am glad to have known and cared for her these last 6 years.

Sometimes it is tough to let go the ones who capture your heart.


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I just couldn't read and run so I wanted to say I think it's really wonderful you being there for her like that. Wish I had better words of wisdom. Take care :)


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It is. Some of the residents end up very special to you. Glad this lady has a good nurse caring for her!


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Agree with previous posters. TY

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I'm so sorry....((HUGS)) they do become apart of our lives.