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Losing Job Before Graduation?


I'm a BSN student in a traditional program and also a clinic assistant at a freestanding health center where I've worked for the past 1.5 years. I just found out that my job will be going away in October because the health center is switching to electronic charts and doesn't have the funding to train part-time/float staff. I'm leaving on good terms, and very sad to go. I'll have worked there 2 years and will have seven months left in my program. My question is, should I pursue another [healthcare related] job in the meantime, or just focus on school? Will it look bad to not have current employment when applying for nursing jobs? Our last semester will be a senior practicum, so I know it might be best to focus on that, but I feel like my resume will not look as good without current healthcare employment :(


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There are TONS of people who don't work at all while in school (and many people encourage this in order to focus on school).

It won't look bad if you have a gap while you're still enrolled in and attending nursing school.

You'll be fine!

xoemmylouox, ASN, RN

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If you can afford it do what is best for you. Maybe look for another part time job? It provides you a foot in the door somewhere once you do graduate.

Jules A, MSN

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Personally the whole focus on school thing irritates me, probably because I worked, but in any event I would think that not only does more experience improve your chances of being a better candidate but you might be hired somewhere that you can work after graduation either on that unit or another in the same system. Good luck!

anh06005, MSN, APRN, NP

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There were plenty in my class who didn't work in healthcare before graduating and they had no problem getting their first RN jobs. Will it help to have a job first? Possibly (especially if your area is short on new grad jobs). Is it necessary? No.

If I was in your shoes and didn't need the job to live I'd probably just take the time off rather than stress about finding a job and use the time to STUDY. As Jules said, though, I had to work the entire way through and made it fine. Again just given your situation I would personally just enjoy the next 7 months.