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Anyone applying to the lfcc adn or lpn program? I'm turning in my application tomorrow. Just wanted to see if anyone else was in the same boat.

I was going to apply but decided to wait. I'm going to work on a certificate in health science which is basically all of the foundation courses and then either apply next year or apply to Shenandoah for the Spring since I'll be done with the certificate by the end of the year. How hard was the TEAS test? I was afraid to take it because I hadn't studied. Keep in touch I would love to know how your application process goes.

I turned in my application a few weeks ago. I'm wondering what my chances are. I'd like to know the percentage of people that get accepted vs. the number of people who apply. I'm worried sick about it. I've put all my eggs in this basket!


How did you do on your teas test? How many of the classes in the nursing program do you already have completed? I have all of them done except for the NUR classes, which i cant take unless in a program. So I hope that I have a good chance of getting in since i have so many classes completed already. But you never know. I did pretty good on my teas test too. ranging from 80-92% on each section. I hope that's good enough!

I did pretty decent on the TEAS too, and it says "proficient", but I'm still gonna worry until they come out with the acceptance list. I'm taking two prerequisites right now, which I'll definitely be fine with. I just wish they could tell us sooner!

I applied to Lord Fairfax this spring too. The waiting is driving me crazy:idea:. Does anyone know about how long it takes to hear anything? good Luck to you all.

The application packet thing said they would let us know by mid-may. I'm very impatient! Good luck, dmr2492, I hope to see you in the fall!

ugghhhh! that is forever!!! hope to see you in the fall too. keep me posted when you hear!!


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Hi. I'm also waiting for my results. All this waiting is making me restless and gradually developing some insomnia. I wish I could find out soon. I want to get in the nursing program but I'm just not sure if I will even though I have completed most of the pre-requisite courses. My gpa is 3.28 which is not that bad but I'm still doubting because I only took the TEAS test once. I missed my second try to it because I was caring for my newborn :bby: daughter. I'm a first time mom so it was tough at first. I guess I just have to relax and try to occupy myself somehow so I can stop thinking (and dreaming) about whether or not I get accepted.

Hey everyone, I called the school last week to find out when they were sending out the letters. The person I spoke with said they were working on them and should have them out the first week in May! im so nervous!!! I'll post as soon as I hear something :-)

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Hi. I got my letter today. Sadly it says that I was not accepted to the ADN program. Now my question is do I get a separate letter for the LPN program? I applied to both. Just wondering if anyone knows please reply to me ASAP.

I told myself that I wouldn't get sad if I don't get in because I would take it as a sign for me to focus on my baby daughter and take care of her. It would also give me a chance to finish my associates degree next semester.

Good luck to the rest of you

I got my letter today, too. Said I didn't get in either. I can't think of any other reason why but that I do not live in Fauquier county. I kept thinking the whole time about how if I didn't get in, that would probably be the reason. I'm going to email to see if they can tell me if that's the reason. If it is, there is no point in me ever applying again, because I'm not moving to Fauquier anytime soon.

I'm sorry, I know exactly how you're feeling. It's disappointing after looking forward to it for so long, especially since there aren't really any other options.

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