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Anyone applying to the lfcc adn or lpn program? I'm turning in my application tomorrow. Just wanted to see if anyone else was in the same boat.

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Thanks for replying. I think I will still re-apply next year but I agree it would be pointless if I would have to move to that area in order to get accepted. Will you please let me know if they say that was in fact the reason why you didn't get it.

The only good thing about this is we no longer have to wait for a yes or no and we can continue to try our best to improve our chances for next year.


I didn't get a letter today. I wonder if they send them out in sections or something. I'm sorry you two didn't get in. I really hope that I get my letter tomorrow then. I do not live in fauquier county or any of the "special" ones, but I will let you guys know if I get it. I hope my delayed letter is a good sign. Anyone else not get a letter?

i didn't get into to the program either! the letter encourages us to make an appointment to find out how we can make our applications better for next year but seriously i have completed all of the course work but the nursing classes themselves. i have a 4.0 i have been on the presidents list every semester. i live where i am supposed to live don't know what else to do. i didn't score as high as i would have liked to on the tea's my composite score was only a 77.3 but heck it put me in the 86% percentile thought i would be okay.

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that I received my acceptance letter today to the ADN program. I do NOT live in any of the special counties, so that should be some encouragement for you if that's what you were worried about. I have completed ALL of the classes in the nursing program already except for the NUR classes themselves. I dont have a 4.0, more like a 3.6 (i think??) and I did pretty good on my TEAS test. Just letting you all know what I had so you can work on it and apply again next year. good luck to all of you!

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I got accepted to the LPN program. Here's a tip, if it has a yellow paper inside, then you're in! The yellow paper is for you to send back and it will let them know if you will go into the program.

Good luck!

did anyone that got a rejection letter on thur turn around and get an acceptance letter fri? well i did! i can't believe it, i was crushed because like i said in my post what else could i do all classes done a 4.0 living in warrenton. i just figured it was because of my tea score which i didn't do great but i didn't think it sucked that badly either. i called the school to ask for an application review so that i knew what i could improve for next time around and get this they tell me that there must be some mistake that i am on their list as being a rn student for the fall, talk about going crazy. then in the afternoon i got my letter with the orange acceptance agreement inside. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh at least i can breathe again.

congrats lookward to meeting you in June!

What campus did u get in to? I wanted fauquier, but got accepted to middletown. I'll take it though.:)

Sorry thought you got into to the Fauquier Campus, but good for you I agree I would take any campus they would give me as well!:) So I won't see you but congradulations anyways, as you can see from my posts I have had a crazy couple of days:jester:

I am so happy that I found this posting.....

:D I too applied to the Nursing Program at LFCC, I applied to the LPN middletown program.

I was going "koo-koo" waiting to hear if I got in.

I got a letter Friday May 6, that stated "Congratulations you have been accepted into the ADN program middletown" I was soooo happy and sooo confused all at the same time.!?

I immediately picked up the phone to call and find out what was going on?! and as you all may know THEY ARE CLOSED ON FRIDAYS!!!!!ahhhhhhhhhhhh so I spent my weekend in crazy-land........

Any-who....I called Monday and I am happy to say that I GOT INto the LPN program Middletown!!!

Now I can pat myself on the back for getting into a program...but the celebration wont last long because the hard work has yet to begin ;-)

I want to congratulate all of us who got in and I hope to see/meet you in June!!

what were your teas scores? And your gpa? Im planning on applying with them next year.

What were the scores you got on your teas or the percentage? I want to apply with them next year

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