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Hi,I am making my resume ,Icalled HR of a Local Hospital in my area . and they asked if I can apply online and upload my resume. and since I am a very new CNA looking for some OBJETIVE

IDEAS I want the objective to be no to long and to the point.

wonder if I have to specified NEW GRAD? please do you have any ideas . I am very new and all places are asking me to send my resume. :banghead: please thank you....! :***::writing:


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I would not specifically say you are a new grad on your resume. They can look at the date on your certificate and see that. And see there is no places that you have worked at yet when putting in your past jobs

Focus more on putting out what things you have learned and what skills are important to you as a CNA. Write down maybe caracter traits you have that would be good assets as a CNA. Think and put out there the positive things about yourself. Saying you are a new grade might give an impression of being unsure of yourself and that you might be seen as less confident in yourself.

Have you ever taken care of any elderly relatives or friends? Were you helpful with anyone that was hurt such as rehab like injuries? Car accedent, broken bone. These type things may help you when someone is looking for a fresh out of class CNA and seeing experiances you might have had in the past.

Hope that might help you a little bit.


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Hi for me this is the very first time im working with adults ,I have being a teacher aide for years . ages 0 to 6 but yes , I do have experience of my own taking care of sick family members . I guess the date of my interview will be my chance to answer those questions hope I take note of everything and ask as many questions I want. thank you.


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Hello. I just finished my resume and cover letters, as well. I am "new" too. I put a short but simple objective. I noted where I did clinical studies and maybe put in there... enthusiastic to learn, etc.... Just when you write it...write confidently. Let them know, you CAN do the job good. :) Good luck :)

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If you simply want to work with the elderly in a nursing home you can write something like:

I choose to work with seniors. I will assist them in living a full and healthy life and help them with whatever challenges they may face with dignity and respect.

I understand that in order to do this I must be dependable and flexible because they, and my coworkers, count on me.

....or something like that. :)

I agree, no need to indicate that you are a new at this. If they ask, tell them how excited you are to meet the challenges and to learn the ropes from your coworkers. Tell them WHY you choose to be a CNA!! ....hopefully it's not because you couldn't find anyother type of job....

Good luck!