looking for a state prison job, but am reluctant


hello there everyone! i have been an avid reader here on allnurses and i find so many answers to all of the questions that i have had, that i must post a question i've been dying to ask, and couldn't find the answer to anywhere. I know there are a couple of posts similar to what i'm about to ask, but none of the responses have been that helpful.

i am an LVN in the state of CA and i have been working for close to a year now. I'm really super interested in applying for a state prison job near my place in chino hills, and have been putting forth a lot of consideration, yet i fear that their background check might be too thorough. I had a misdemeanor that was expunged by the time i was 18 ( this happened when I was 17 ). It was for something really really dumb and I have regret it ever since :( I have had no problems applying for other jobs but when it comes to state/federal/government related jobs, i fear that they will still be able to see my file and have that nasty misdemeanor looming over my head. I'm also trying to figure out how the drug testing work--whether it will be on the spot/random/or once i get the interview. I have heard from a few people that the interview process is not as tough as the hospitals, however its really mixed in reviews depending on the different states. The reason for my concerns with the drug test is that (although I don't really like to admit it) i have had really poor appetite and insomnia (so bad to the point where people thought i looked malnourished and sick everywhere i go), and had my physician of over 10 years to refer me to legally use medicinal marijuana. i DO NOT use it during work or during the daytime. I usually use it before i go to bed just to help me knock out. I have stopped a little over two months ago, and am worried that this will be an issue when it comes to passing the drug test :(

so for all you nurses out there int he state of ca, please just fill me in on your experiences with working in the state prisons/ the process leading to landing the interview.

and please do not comment only to slam me for my use of medical marijuana--i'm not some schmo abusing my body by taking "drugs". i'm trying to use the remedy that's best for me, and that I accept. thanks again, i really hope to hear from any of ya'll soon!!

much love&appreciation to those of you that do respond. :)

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I wish I could help you, but I was curious about nurses and medically perscribed marijuina. I would think it would be like any other controlled substance, you come up positive however you show them the perscription. I guess like my xanax.


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That's what I as thinking as well, but there's just so uch negative perceptions that comes along with medicinal mj because of how easily attainable it is to receive a license =_= so now all thepeople who really uses it to help alleviate their pain or condition would be seen as irresponsible drug users. At least that's what I've seen with so many. I don't know if the facility will take me seriously.

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Legally the state could not disqualify you from a job due to a prescribed medication. Although you may need a Dr.'s letter and a few other documents to confirm it. BUT, it has been 2 mos and the drug tests that are used can't detect THC that is older than 8wks or so. I personally would tell them everything because they can randomly test employees so then you won't be fearing a random test. Hiding stuff like that just feels crappy so air your laundry and let the cards fall were they may.:lol2:

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I don't live in California so I don't know about the medicinal marijuana or how thorough of a background check they do.

I did want to say that if you are interested in a prison job then go ahead and apply. The worst thing that will happen is you will not get a job you already do not have. And if the juvie incident does keep you from working in corrections then you will know for sure instead of always wondering about it every time you see a state job you are interested in.

As far as the medical marijuana, if you are prepared to give it up completely if you do get the job, I would not mention it. Your drug test should be negative after all this time. If you do get the job you can always ask about it after you are hired. I only recommend this if you are willing and able to stop using the mj for as long as you work in corrections. If this is something you know you just can't function without then by all means ask about it before you are hired. THC is detectable in urine far too long to chance "beating" a drug test. It is better to not take the job than to chance the sudden job loss in the event you do fail a random drug test.


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Not sure about ca. I do know that if your honest up front my state doesn't care about most previous convictions as long as your honest up front. They do care though if you did not disclose and they find it on your background check. They will assume omission is lying or hiding something. Therefore you would be a high risk.

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I do not know if they use hair testing, since many places are moving to the hair drug testing. It will show up in hair tests. Like others said before, show the Rx, and be honest. The only person you should have to discuss the results of a drug test with are the MRO (medical review officer) that will call you if you show up positive. They ultimately determine who is reported positive for something that is not prescribed, etc. It is their job to weed through the drug users and those that are legit.


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They get hundreds of appicants. If you have a priscription for the drug, they have hundreds that don't and with much more experience. You can always try.