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  1. PA vs NP?

    If I were to do it again I would go the PA route.
  2. Need interview with corrections nurse for class project!

    You can pm me and I'll help you.
  3. What area do you live
  4. Any Suggestions????

    Sounds like retaliation..... you can file a EEOC complaint.
  5. looking for a state prison job, but am reluctant

    Not sure about ca. I do know that if your honest up front my state doesn't care about most previous convictions as long as your honest up front. They do care though if you did not disclose and they find it on your background check. They will assume o...
  6. What is the deal with GEO Group?

    They were sued by I/M family in OK and lost. Jury awarded family 6.5M. Cellie killed I/M and officers didn't know for 2 days. The Celliie asked the officer to do something cuz his body was starting to stink. Crazy but true story.
  7. HELP! They are investigating my license :(

    Administrative law is very different and you should not talk to anyone without talking with a lawyer. They can fire you for any reason they want if you are in an "at will'' state. If they turn you into the board do not go to any meeting without a la...
  8. Adderall addiction

    Wondergirl22, Tolerance to the drug is to be expected. I have taken it for 12 years and like you can't function without it. With that said I have some questions. Why do you feel like your addicted? Why is it only prn? How much are you taking? Have yo...
  9. Help, terminated and need advice

    DO NOT turn yourself in without consulting a lawyer who specializes in representing nurses. The BON will eat you alive. It is administrative law you will have to prove your innocence they assume everyone is guilty. They will let you know if the emplo...
  10. Any jobs in the Ada area?

    The dept of corrections is hiring.
  11. working at prison

    It's a felony in okla. Not a good idea even if it was allowed it could put you in a lot of trouble if an inmate found out. Big Target for their games they love to play.
  12. Medication Administration

    In my state we use cma or med techs.
  13. How do you give out the pills?

    The state I'm in each facility is a little different. Some have med carts like you mentioned and go to each unit. I am working at a med and min security that is a dorm like setting. So they have to come to us. We have a window in our medical building...