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Hi. I'm currently a RN looking to shadow a psych NP. I'm in the Durham, Raleigh area in North Carolina Would anyone be willing to help?

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Given the sensitive nature of mental health care, I doubt you'll be able to find someone who will let you shadow them since it would likely put the patient in an uncomfortable position. You'd probably have much better luck asking current PMHNPs to describe their typical day to you. Duke and UNC both have PMHNP programs; you could reach out to the faculty and ask about getting in touch with current or former students. I'm not a psych NP, but at least in the outpatient setting, it seems like the vast majority of the care provided is medication management/titration, not talk therapy.

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JZ1 said:

I'm currently a RN looking to shadow a psych NP.

hmmm....sounds shady to me

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You could try picking up a PRN psych RN job and talk to the providers or observe them on the job. If you have any psych places near where you live.