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hello all! well, since all of this low census stuff, i am looking for another 2nd job to add on to myself. i have checked out careerbuilder; jobnet and that, but not much. do you guys/gals have any ideas of where to look or any ideas of what else i could try?




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Try local nursing temp agencies.


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Definitely look at your local agencies. I work for a pediatric home health agency, and they seem to need fill-ins quite often. Good luck!

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thanks for ur help. i dont even know where to look for something like that... but i will try! thanks!!


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You might try PRN correctional nursing in a county jail. Hey, they never have low census.


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There are plenty of job listings locally on hospital web sites, but it really helps to get the inside story by word of mouth. In fact, I wouldn't make a move without the advice of nurses who've "been there, done that, got the t-shirt."

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