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I'm about to graduate and our school requires each student to purchase their own RN pin. I want a nice one - gold or sterling silver, but I have only been able to find cheap ones online. Does anybody know where to find a nice pin? I don't want custom, just something that is not plastic and won't turn green. Thanks.


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Usually pins are ordered through the school and have the school logo on them - you cant wear the RN pin until you pass boards


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Like I said, our school says we are on our own to purchase the pin. They will not be ordering them. For that reason, I need to find a company that makes a generic one, I guess. Or one who will customize one for our class. Thanks.

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Both schools I attended did not order the pins for you - but they told you where you could order them from

I think we had to order them from one of those places that does class rings at the school where I got my ADN, and then we bought the ones for the BSN through the bookstore

Seems kind of odd that a nursing school wouldnt have it's own custom pin - that goes back to the old cap days and all of the "traditions". Surely they know where to get one though!!!!!! I think I'd be asking a few more people!

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I have been looking around and there are a couple of places you could try - I would talk to the big class ring companies in your area first, if that doesn't yield results there is a company called James Avery in Kerrville Texas that does custom work for pretty reasonable prices - the more you order of course the cheaper it is - I would suggest rounding up your interested classmates and placing a group order.


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and you could call jostens or balfour or art carved too - they do that kinda stuff - they just don't really advertise it. Unless they have previously done pins for your school it's unlikely you could order just one.


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Try NursesDirect.com. They have a lot of nice stuff. :)


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You can try jhrecognition.com. I have not ordered anything from them but they had a booth at the NSNA midyear convention and it looks like they have nice quality items.


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Thanks for the suggestions. I will try them. Our school is so aggravating. They are no help. Will be glad to graduate.


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You can wear your pin as a GN you don't have to wait to pass boards unless your pin specifically says RN. If it's a school pin you can wear it as soon as you graduate. I will be looking for a pin also. I graduated from Excelsior 3 years ago and all they have is the $5.95 cheap-o pins. My LPN pin is 14kt and really nice.

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