Looking for nurses who work in and HIRE in nursing informatics

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What advice could you offer for tailoring my resume to get a foot in the door? I am a clinical nurse with a degree in informatics, but I have no experience and would love to get a start. I have been a superuser for 2 different EMR changes. Anything I can do outside of work to boost my resume or gain experience? My workplace does not really allow us to be on committees or the like because we are always short staffed.

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Moved to Nursing Informatics section.   Hope you get some helpful responses! ?



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What exactly is the tittle of your degree and which school did you go to?

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Details are good in my opinion....elaborate on the areas of the EMR that you worked with the most. Any SME (Subject Matter Expert) experience to assist IT/IS with design/implementations is a also noteworthy experience. Professional Affiliations look good too such as HIMSS, ANA, AHIMA, etc. Hope this helps, happy job hunting!


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Hello, my name is Bertril Collin, and I am a current MSN-MHI student at Grand Canyon University. Per our program requirements, I am required to have practicum experience. This experience is non-clinical and will consist of 200 hours working alongside a qualified preceptor in their day-to-day projects and activities. My preceptor will need to be a master's prepared nurse with an active RN license and a master's degree in Healthcare Informatics, Bioinformatics, Public Health Informatics, HIM, Information Technology, Nursing Informatics, or other graduate degrees in a related discipline. My preceptor should have a minimum of two years of experience within informatics. I will be completing my practicum for 16 weeks, starting July 14, 2022, until November 2, 2022. Would you happen to know if there would be any availability for placement within these dates? If so, I am more than willing to go into more depth regarding objectives for the practicum and more (as seen in the Guidelines manual).

Please let me know if this is the correct person to be reaching out to, and if it is not, would there be another person that I could be directed to?


Attached are the guidelines for preceptorship.

Thank you in advance.

Bertril Collin

(201) 563-9627 I can also be reached at Bertril.Collin @ VA.gov

PS: The preceptorship can also take place virtually

MSN-HI Guidelines.pdf