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So, I am a new grad. NCLEX pending. I have interviewed with these folks and thus far I really like what I hear and see. Patients are complex, most everyone has a PEG, VENT, CVAD. Most have... Read More

  1. by   futurernbsn2015
    Hi theantichick.
    I know this post is rather old but I am very interested in working in the ICU at Kindred in the Dallas/Fort Worth area because I really want to be able to provide quality care to that specific patient population. I graduate in May 2015 with my BSN. I was wondering if you had any advice on getting hired as a new grad at Kindred? Also how was your experience overall there? Additionally how is the pay, OT, PTO in comparison to a new grad program at a place like UTSW or Parkland? Is it more, less, about the same? Any help is truly appreciated because I have such a hard time finding information about the Dallas Kindred market. Thank you
  2. by   theantichick
    I don't know what the new grad programs pay. for the ICU, my pay was a little lower than the hospitals in the area, PTO seemed to be about the same. I got hired to the ICU because I'd impressed a teacher in nursing school who was good friends with the nurse manager. However, some places are getting wary of new grads because they spend money and time training a new grad, and new grads typically don't stay long because either it was a "whatever job I can get" or because they find they aren't suited to the job for one reason or another.

    Some of the Kindreds are pretty good, some suck. I don't know about the ones in Dallas specifically. My best advise is if you can get recommendation letters from your instructors, do so because they carry the most weight until you get experience under your belt.
  3. by   futurernbsn2015
    Thank you very much for the information. I really appreciate it
  4. by   jdmstop
    I got a job offer from kindred today in the Los Angeles area for a night shift/new grad position. They also stated that there will be a 3-years employment contract.

    My questions to those of you whose had experience working at kindred is how does kindred's subacute experience or their icu experience help a new grad if most "Larger" hospital won't recognize it as "acute" experience. I've heard many nurse recruiter from acute hospitals saying they do not count the experience earned from kindred. I'm afraid that if the experience do not count at kindred, it can hinder me for future opportunities..Can someone shed some light pls?
  5. by   theantichick
    Acute hospitals tend to see LTAC as lower acuity, so they tend to disregard it.

    I was lucky that they offered me an ICU position at the Kindred facility I worked at. It wasn't acuity like you see in an acute hospital ICU, but I found it to be about equivalent to a high acuity tele floor at an acute care hospital. I made sure I put all the things that made it similar to acute care on my resume... vasoactive drips, sedation, ventilator management, patients with complex medical needs, on the code team, etc. It made a difference in the way they looked at me when I applied to an acute hospital for the ER.

    I don't know if there's a way to do something similar for a floor position at Kindred, but I don't think EVERY hospital will disregard it. I know our floor nurses at Kindred were doing very similar work to a general med-surg floor in an acute care hospital. Of course, we were specifically a LTAC, not a LTC, and I know Kindred has both. Some nurse recruiters may need to be educated as to the difference.

    So I would advise you, if your goal is to get into an acute setting down the road, try to work into the ICU at your facility (if yours has one) and when you start interviewing at STAC's, make sure they know what kinds of high acuity tasks and patients you were dealing with.

    Good luck!
  6. by   sarahhg
    Did you go into their new grad program?
    If so do you have to sign a contract stating that you will work at the facility for a specific amount of time?
  7. by   theantichick
    The Kindred I was at didn't have an official new grad program. They offered some extra training and a longer period of preceptorship for me. My Nurse Manager asked if I would stay a year, which I did (barely) and they were upset when I left "so soon" but it wasn't the right environment or patient population for me.
  8. by   nyc2011
    Does anyone work for LTAC PRN?
  9. by   Here.I.Stand
    Quote from nyc2011
    Does anyone work for LTAC PRN?
    I was PRN when I worked in LTAC. I usually worked 1-2 shifts a week.
  10. by   ivyleaf
    Which location is this?
  11. by   RNrhythm
    This is an old thread! Something to keep in mind: Kindred is nationwide and practices vary by state due to the varied regulatory and union environments. In my state, an LTAC RN could be directly responsible for up to 5 patients and supervise an LVN with another 5. However, at my facility, I have never seen more than 4/4. Plus, we have wonderful CNAs.

    Correction: Med-surg ratio is 1:5; Telemetry is 1:4.
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  12. by   kh2488
    Did you do a critical care course?
  13. by   Alex_RN
    Quote from pgnurse79
    I currently work at a Kindred in the midwest area....I was hired in 2008. Now the negatives: The equipment is VERY outdated and the buildings are old and in dire need of repair. High nurse to pt ratio. 8 pts max for an RN; 10 pts for an LPN. 1% annual salary increase. No match for the 401k. Expensive health insurance. (but they will give you a bag or umbrella with their logo.)
    I work at Kindred on the West Coast in 2016 and everything you listed still applies.