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first off, my apologies if this is in the wrong place. I wasn't sure where to put it. I was wondering if anyone here had recent experience with getting a CES report from CGFNS and how long it took to have that done. I applied for it and paid the fee back in mid April and they received all the documents by June 1. Originally, the e-mail they sent stated up to 5 weeks to complete the review. So mid July rolls around and I am wondering where the heck is my report?! Every time I check my status on their website it says "Ready for review." I sent an e-mail and received a generic "do not respond to this e-mail" which said current processing time could be UP TO 8 to 10 weeks. Last week was 10 weeks... I sent another e-mail and I got the exact same reply they sent me before! I guess I should call them, but their call center is only open 08-1200 hrs EST. I am PST and I have a toddler so sitting on the phone all morning is a bit of a problem..

Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions for speeding up the process? I'm guessing the odds of that happening are nil but I thought I would ask on the off chance... I'm worried my file is sitting on someone's desk and been forgotten about. A guy called me 2 weeks ago from the Department of Health (Washington state) and said my license application has been sitting on his desk for months now, everything complete except for the CGFNS report & successful NCLEX completion, but he will have to cancel it if I do not get the CGFNS part of it done within 90 days:crying2:

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Average time for CES report is 4 months

Thanks for your reply Silverdragon. I'm just wondering where you got the 4 months from. I guess it shouldn't surprise me. First 4-5 weeks, then 8-10. 4 months would pretty well double it for the third time. I just want to get back to work:mad:

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Silverdragon is right. It takes around 4 months in average. But still its a case-to-case basis. I got mine around 4 weeks after I sent them all the needed documents. And really it won't take you all day sitting on the phone. You can probably call them during a time which your kid is busy doing something or taking a nap.

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A lot will depend on how timely they receive all the docs, average is 4 months mine took about 8 months and I got my vsc before CES and I applied for CES first and despite numerous phone calls. I was lucky that I was able to sit NCLEX due to a previous application to another BON that didn't require CES and was still valid (only just)

My CES report was released in just 1 month after I completed all the needed requirements.

But, I didn't receive a personal copy of the CES reoport. I had to call them several times and convinced them that maybe my report was among those unlucky letters in the postal office that was flooded by the typhoon ondoy.

They sent me another CES report and I prayed hard that no typhoon will hit manila when that letter arrives. hehehe. luckily I was able to received my personal copy just 2-3wks after they told me they will send it.

I've passed trough CGFNS examn, Nclex and ibToefl... I remember that the CGFNS exam was so hard and such a stressful exam. My papers had a long way from Europe till here, I remember that waiting for all the papers to be received in order to be eligible for CES report, and in my case after the CES report to stand for CGFNS exam, took like a year round, but the CES process, after all the papers were submitted by my school and my home-country BON, I had it in max. two months. I can't remember more exactly, but was a quick process. I used to communicate with the people from CGFNS via e-mail. They were prompt all the time and my complaining or my questions were resolved, respectively answered promptly. My colleagues were using phone call and I recall that they were always unsatisfied. In your on-line account, on the personal pop-up window, on the left side, where you have the menu options, the CONTACT US link get you trough the whole process, all the personal data and your order number are automatically inserted, just have to write down your problem and submit. They will answer shortly....and keep writing them on the same matter, things will speed up. Good luck!

Thank you guys for your help. They just changed my status on the website from "ready for review" to "ready for final review." Does anyone know how long the final review takes? Thanks again:)

I'd like to know if I pay the fee first and then send documents? Or can I send doc's first. And one more thing. Does TOEFL send my results or can I? And what about my Slovenian licence, school curriculum? Can I collect all necessary and send it to CGFNS or does my school have to do it?

@janette87 - when I saw that my status was "ready for final review"... i think i waited only 2 days. After 2 days, they were already finished reviewing my documents and they already sent the result to BON.

I'd like to know if I pay the fee first and then send documents? Or can I send doc's first. And one more thing. Does TOEFL send my results or can I? And what about my Slovenian licence, school curriculum? Can I collect all necessary and send it to CGFNS or does my school have to do it?

Your school needs to send directly the papers. And you need to pay first for any CGFNS service before the papers are needed.

You.. (first step) have to log on on CGFNS site, you'll find there all the necessary info. You have to create an account and carefully complete all the question that they ask, the questions are about your education, your medical stages and your license. After creating the CGFNS account, you select the service that you want them to process for you and they'll keep you up-dated on your on-line account, they'll ask for all the necessary papers that they need in the process you selected. They will mail all the papers that need to be completed at your school. You cannot mail to CGFNS the papers directly... all the papers have to be sealed and mailed by the school and your right to practice as a nurse (your license) has to be mailed in a sealed envelope also, by your national BON, or by ministry of health department.

If you need more info just send me a PM...

Good luck!

Janette87, it was a matter of days also in my case... good luck to you too! keep writing them! :)

my status changed again from ready for final review to "in QA review." How many reviews is there?!! I could not find any information about QA review on their website. Is it some sort of quality assurance? That's all I could think it would be.. Oh well, hopefully it won't be long now :D Thanks again for your help ladies

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