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Lock in prices before the deadline


Hi, I want to know if you pay for most of my Excelsior exams now since you have 6 months to take them,

will I lock in the prices listed before it changes on 06/30/11? Is there a limit to how many exams

you can pay for at one time? Thanks!


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You can only have four paid for at a time.

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What is te price changing too?

Be very very careful:uhoh21:! I paid for two exams very early, and then got lazy. I took 1 exam 3 months later, and proceeded to loose my money because I forgot about the second exam and missed the 6 month window:nuke:. If you feel very confident about taking 4 exams in 6 months then why not just pay as you go, but still finish all 4 in the 6 months? Excelsior gives you plenty of warning when they are planning to raise exam fees. I would rather gamble at loosing the possible increase of $15 per exam (estimate), then loosing over $1000 because of a sudden life change causing you to postpone my studies.

Good luck!

Don't make the mistake of thinking you can't forget about an exam. I had registered for two of them one time and totally forgot. I missed the deadline and had to pay for them again. It could happen.