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List of meds that are on TV commercials


I am studying for the NCLEX and I have heard that there are a lot of questions about meds seen on TV. I need some help here because I don't get a chance to see too much TV with work, kids, and studying. Can anyone think of any med, what it is used for, possible s.e.?

Thanks!!! :heartbeat

My favorites...








Thanks so much! This will get me started. I have heard of all these meds, I just wasn't sure if there were some that I didn't know since I don't see much TV. Thanks again!!! :redbeathe:lol2::heartbeat


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Aricept - The commercial makes me sad, because it shows an elderly woman with alzheimers, really 'out of it' and unaware what is going on around her. Then, after taking aricept, it's like she's suddenly cured. It just makes me sad to think that a person might see this commercial, misunderstand how the drug works, and then have false hope about drastic improvement in their loved one's cognitive condition, when that's not what the medication does. I don't know what the side effects are, but it's gotta be in the drug book somewhere.

Lyrica, Abilify, Lipitor, Coreg, Detrol, and Flomax are on the TV all the time too.

Thanks everyone!!! I take the NCLEX next Monday!!! :confused: :crying2:

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I sincerely doubt NCLEX qu's are based on tv commercials. Check the threads here where there are lists of commonly used (and tested) drugs.

Actually, I was told by multiple people that took the test over the summer (from spring grads) that they saw a lot of meds on there from TV. My school also said they got numerous reports from post grads that they saw some too. I just want to be prepared. Thanks for the heads up on the usual meds though. :D I will hunt them down.